When you visited Iloilo City, Guimaras Island will always be the next destination. Guimaras Island is just 30 minutes away from Iloilo City and this Island is so unbelievably beautiful, peaceful, fresh air, sweet locals especially their sweet mangoes. According to Wikipedia "Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas. Among the smallest provinces, its capital is Jordan. The province is situated in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros. To the northwest is the province of Iloilo and to the southeast is Negros Occidental"  Since we are already in Iloilo, why not visit the Guimaras Island for a day.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

In all the cities in the Philippines, I always love Cagayan de Oro city, but it all changed when I recently visited IloIlo City. IloIlo city is located at the western Visayas in the Philippines, It's known for its Spanish colonial churches and old houses and beautiful nearby Islands. I don't have any plans to visit IloIlo, until my closest friend invited me to explore the amazing place since there is a flight promo, so without any hesitation we booked it. What's in IloIlo by the way?

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Bukidnon is known for its beautiful mountains and greenery landscapes and one of the best attractions of Bukidnon is the Paminahawa ridge in Impasug-ong Bukidnon. It has already been visited by the tourist locals and foreigners even the famous Filipina actress Angel Locsin. However, is it worth it?

It has always been my dream to experience mountain climbing and hiking, do camping at the top of the mountain and waking up in front of the nature, my adventurous spirit pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and decided to hike and climb up to Paminahawa ridge. Hiking and climbing up to the mountain ridge takes 3 - 4  hours for the beginners, you need to register first at Ant Farm. Ant Farm will provide you a local guide and some types of equipment that you need. You can do Day hike or camp overnight in the camping ground of Paminahawa ridge, you just have to pay a registration fee for 300 Php per person for Day hike, but if you do overnight camp aside from 300 Php per person for registration you have to pay  another 300 Php for the group, you can divide the additional 300 Php with your friends. You have to contact the Ant Farm 2 days before your plan to hike up to the mountain because they will arrange the guide for you and they can assist you where you can meet the Ant Farm staff and they can also answer your questions. Furthermore, they might not respond to your inquiry immediately, better to call them. You can visit their Facebook Page HERE or contact them at +63 936 861 1326

When you say Paminahawa Ridge the only thing you see in social media is the magnificent view of the mountains, the sea of clouds and the amazing color of the landscape up in the ridge. If you will ask the people who already went up to Paminahawa ridge about their experience hiking and climbing up the mountain, 99% of them will say "it's okay", "it's easy", "you can do it" or in Bisaya language "Kaya raman, okay lang, dali raman". But honestly? half of what they say is not true especially if you are a beginner or no experience at all with trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing, like me. Before we hike up to Paminahawa ridge, I already did my research and asked a lot of people I knew who already went there, and it seems like it's not easy but it's not difficult until the day comes and I realized my friends were not telling the truth, LOL!

Since me, my friend and her brother are going to sleep overnight in Paminahawa ridge, I need to prepare a tent and sleeping bags. Good thing my friend Kristine have a Tent and camping equipment for rent, she is based in Cagayan de Oro City, you can leave a message in her Facebook account HERE. The tent that I rented from her is good for 3 people for 180 Php for 2 days rent, however, base in my experience the tent that we rented can accommodate only 2 people. The sleeping bag was 80 Php each. They can deliver the tent and the sleeping bag to your address with an additional 20 Php for the delivery fee. I can totally say the tent and the sleeping bag are very reliable, the tent keeps us safe under the rain during our sleep at the camping ground and the sleeping bag keep us warm from the very cold weather and temperature.

If you do Day hike it is best recommended to be at the meeting point in Impasug-ong Bukidnon at 3:00 AM. Moreover, for overnight camping, it is best to be at the meeting point at 2 - 3:00 PM. The aunt of my friend knows the staff of the Ant farm so we did not make any reservations anymore and we go directly to Ant farm around 4:00 PM, it's quite late already because it was raining at that time and we waited for the rain to stop. We started our hike around 5:00 PM with a guide and the suspense story begins.

At first, the hike was easy it was just a plain road with the view of mountains and vegetable plants with an open area and fresh air. After 30 minutes of an easy hike, the struggle started. The pathway is so slippery and muddy while going down my shoes can't hold the slippery soil. The bamboo along the pathway where you can hold on while going down is honestly not reliable. Going down, I experienced grasping the bamboo with all my energy in order for me not to roll down and get an accident, I also slipped while going down, I crawl in the muddy soil and sorry to say I cursed a lot. It was honestly unexpected at all, I did not read or heard all about this struggle during my research. Were not yet in the middle of the hike, but it feels like I want to go home, but I did not. After a few hours of the same routine and struggle finally, we made it to the first resting station, it was totally a physical and emotional struggle of my life. Because it's already dark and we don't have complete equipment like hikers do, like flashlight and etc. we just rely on our phone's flashlight. After a few minutes of rest, we continued our journey, trying to breathe normally, I'm almost out of air because I'm so tired already. And I thought that it was the hardest struggle of my life, I was not informed that there is another ultimate struggle that I'm about to face, the hike up to the mountains. Imagine a vertical straight line, you have to hike up to to that vertical straight line without anything to hold on while hiking up. You just have to put all your trust to your shoes that it will not slip going down, you have to control your breathing, you need to hike up fast because once you slow down and stop you will get out of balance and fall down, and during this moment I find myself a survivor. It sounds funny but for me its a matter of life and death, if I made a mistake, I will fall down and might get a terrible accident in the middle of nowhere. During this moment I experienced and realize that I can go beyond my limits and push myself to go up and hike up or stop and regret what comes next. This is also the moment where I realize to myself that I'm definitely a strong, independent woman with God's guidance. That experience of struggling is worth it because without it I will never know that I am a strong woman in mind, body, and soul. We finished the trek maybe around 3- 4 hours and arrived at the top of the Paminahawa ridge camping ground around 9:00 PM. We are all tired, good thing our guide helped us to build our tent. Our dinner was a roasted chicken and cooked rice we shared it with our guide. 

By the way, loves, we are the only people at the top of the ridge. During 12 midnight the rain comes, good thing our tent was able to keep us safe and dry. Unfortunately, the next day we are unable to witness the sea of clouds, I'm not sure why there is no sea of clouds maybe because it rained. However, we witnessed how beautiful and amazing the mountain view is, words are not enough to describe how magnificent the mountains are. It looks like a painting with a lush green color. It was so cold but it never bothers us. We took photos and just stare at the lovely view for an hour and keep our tent and sleeping bags. We decided not to hike back to Ant Farm anymore because we are in a hurry to catch a flight in Cagayan de Oro City. There are motorbikes down the camping ground that will send you to Ant farm for 20 - 30 minutes for 300 Php per person, but we manage to haggle 150 Php per person because we are the only people at the ridge. It was also a struggle riding a motorbike going down in the mountains, since its very muddy and a lot of big rocks. But the driver was already an expert with this kind of situation and reminded us not to panic. We did not panic, I just hold my breath for a second, LOL! praying that we will arrive in Ant Farm safe, and we did.

My experience with Paminahawa ridge proves that ITS ABOUT THE JOURNEY NOT THE DESTINATION, I love the view up in the mountain ridge but the journey was the highlight of everything. I hope my experience in Paminahawa ridge inspires you love to try also to go beyond your limit because you will discover that there is something more in you.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

**Note the total per person might decrease, there are some packages in the breakdown that can be divided for two like the Hanbok package with Photographer the price is actually good for two since I’m solo I paid all the cost. 

I’ve been posting a lot of contents about my last trip to Seoul Korea, but it seems like everyone is asking for the full itinerary and the breakdown cost, LOL!. So, here it loves for everyone who asked me how much I spent in Seoul, Korea, I am so proud to myself to be able to spend lesser than I thought. Let’s admit the fact that Seoul is an expensive city, but somehow I pulled off a 21,432 PHP for 5 Days and 4 nights in Seoul as a Solo backpacker

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

If Thailand and Cambodia have amazing temples and ruins, Seoul has a beautiful and fairytale palace. To complete the amazing fairytale moment, you need to have an amazing photo wearing their traditional costume Hanbok. But how to do it if you are traveling solo? You need to read till the end of this blog post, I assure you, you will never regret. **wink**

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I went to Seoul Korea by myself. Traveling alone is one of my goals to achieve and finally I did it, however, it's quite lonely to walk around Seoul and there's no one you can talk to especially if you are an Introvert person like me, LOL!. Luckily, I found this amazing agency in Seoul that is so good for a solo traveler or those tourists who want to interact with good looking Korean gentleman, the OhmyOppa.

Before I shared with you loves my personal experience with OhmyOppa, let me share with you first what is OhmyOppa and how you can book your Oppa. OhmyOppa is a private tour online platform and a travel friend in Korea. “With Oppa, you will have a better understanding of Korean culture, traditions, and history.” They have 11 Oppas (men) and 4 Unnies (women), however, only ladies can book an Unnies. They have different kinds of a tour with your chosen Oppa or Unnie, the tour is only 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Once you already chose your tour, you have to pick your preferred date and time.

Then, you have to fill-up your information like your name, email, Phone number, Number of participants, Kakao talk ID, Nationality and if you have other concerns you can leave a message.

Payment can be done only by Paypal, which is so convenient for me since I don’t have a credit card only Paypal.

Most of the tours range from 70 – 100 USD, once you paid the tour you will receive an email from the management to confirm your booking.

Now, I know you are so curious about how my experience went. Well, it was an awesome experience, the Oppa that accompanied me is Oppa Ruero. Ruero can speak English and Spanish, during our conversation I learned that he loves to work-out, travel and interested to learn more from other cultures. I choose the 3:00 PM slot at Bukchon Hanok Village, before the day of our meet up we communicated at Kakaotalk, I give my Kakaotalk ID to the booking manager whom I contacted with by email, then they made a chat conversation between me and Oppa Ruero and the management.

I already informed Ruero in the Kakaotalk app that I'm not good with faces so I just give him some tips on what I wore during that day and what kind of bag I'm wearing, good thing he is good at finding me. When we met I was very impressed, he is so tall like literally tall, he dressed up so formal but casual, he looks good and he speaks English fluently.

He brought me to this market alley near Bukchon Hanok, which honestly looks so good and I saw a lot of good buys, but I need to control myself for spending a lot, LOL!. I am doing a solo budget travel fellas. But I bought this cute ref magnet souvenir for 7,000 KWN. I always collect a ref magnet in every country that I visited. We talked a lot of things, like a lot, he is very knowledgeable in all kinds of topics which makes it more fun to be with him because I'm learning so much from him. We talked about the Korean culture, sensitive topic about the situation of South and North, the political issues in the Philippines, other countries and a lot more, we even talk about Sony phones and TV, LOL! That’s how interesting he was, you will never get bored.

We went to Bukchon Hanok Village and I was so shocked how small the village is, it looks so big in the picture, but honestly, it was just so small. There are so many tourists in the village, but according to Ruero, the village is a residential area for Korean locals, there are post reminders in every corner to keep your voice low to avoid disturbance from the villagers. It's so hard to get a perfect shot in Bukchon Hanok village because it is pack with tourists. It was known because some of the Korean drama was shoot in there and according to Ruero it is just one of the few of the remaining preserved houses in Seoul because Seoul right now is surrounded by buildings. We talk and walked and even laugh all the time, I don't feel tension or awkward when he was talking with me and showing me some beautiful alleys near Bukchon Hanok village, it feels like we had met before. After a long walk, he brought me to this Japanese restaurant, and oh boy! The noodle is so good, I forgot to ask the name of the restaurant but seriously no sweet-talks the noodles is good.

After our sumptuous meal, he makes sure that I boarded the correct subway to Myeondong, how sweet of him, this is the part where we separated our paths, he thanks me for the great company, when in fact I should be the one thanking him LOL!. He is such a gentleman and sweet and you will never get bored of him.

Ohmyoppa is such a very helpful and convenient agency especially for solo travelers like me. Let's admit the fact that sometimes during the solo travel we wish there is someone we could talk to or share our happiness that we feel at the moment. And when I was in Seoul I felt that way I want to know more about Seoul not only the famous K-pop and Korean drama, I want to know their culture and OhmyOppa is such a great help to achieve this goal. A one on one guide showing you around and talking about the culture of Koreans is such a great experience.

I highly suggest if you are traveling solo or you just want to meet an Oppa who can communicate with you effectively, go ahead and visit now OhmyOppa website. If ever I will have the chance to go back to Seoul, I'd surely book another Oppa to accompany me with my journey in Seoul, it’s great if there is someone who could explain and share some information about the place you are visiting

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Traveling solo is one of my so many goals to achieve, as I want to know if I can truly handle myself if I'm an independent woman. So I decided to travel to Seoul alone and see for myself if I'm truly a strong independent woman. When I decided to travel to Seoul my friends were so worried about me, of all the place to travel solo, why Seoul, and I said why not? But honestly? I'm a little bit scared, what if I get lost in Seoul but things became so easy when Trazy South Korea sponsored me during my stay in Seoul.

Friday, October 4, 2019

I did travel to different places, however, I never tried to get a Visa to go to a certain place. Until my friend asks me to join her in Korea, which makes me so interested. Getting a VISA for the first time is quite intimidating, at first I just research on Google and blog post the requirements on how to get a Korean Visa. I found the official site of the Korean Embassy in Bangkok and found so much information that makes me more so confused, however at the end of the day, it is convenient, fast and easy to get a Korean Visa in Bangkok. So here's my personal story.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Maybe you haven’t heard yet the place name Pai or if you do, you know most backpackers went there to relax and just live life. For you who don’t know where Pai is, it is located in a small town in northern Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, near the Myanmar border, about 146 km (91 mi) northwest of Chiang Mai. I went there last month and it made me fall in love with the place and the people and of course the fellow backpackers as well. So let me give you some advice about Pai that you surely needed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I requested a long vacation leave for August because I had a plan to travel to Bohol Philippines, but things change and I don't know where to go. Suddenly I saw the travel vlog of The NYC couple when they travel to Pai Thailand, and I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature and mountains so I booked my flight and headed to Pai. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I’ve always been fascinated in learning and experiencing other’s culture because I believe that there’s no limit to knowledge and experiences are the best teachers in life. All countries have different culture, and through this, we learn so many things that can be applied to ourselves or even improve ourselves for the better. One way and the best way for me to learn one’s culture is through food because food has the behind the scenes, like where it came from, why they came up with this food, what is the story behind the food. Food tells us so many things and because of it, we learn one’s culture. Good thing a tour company in Bangkok believes in the same thing and wanted for everyone to know that there’s so much more to see in Bangkok, and that company is Achef’s tour.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I am so excited to share with you loves that I won the first runner-up in the second TAT Newsroom “Blogger Thailand” competition. I am so happy, at the same time sad because I can’t go on the trip that they are organizing for the winners. It’s not about the “free” travel it’s about the recognition that finally after 5 years of blogging, somehow, someone recognized my hard work. Anyways, let’s not be sad about it, being recognized is already enough for me. Even though I will not be going to their upcoming trip, I will be traveling next month to the Northern part of Thailand, which I am looking forward. When I’m traveling, I always plan my outfits, making sure that I have that amazing IG photo. Since 80 % of my travel is pack light, travel in a backpack, I always make sure that my outfits are not compromised just because I’m backpacking. So, let me share with you loves my top 5 Tips on what to pack in style even though you only have a carry-on that works.

Friday, July 19, 2019

This phrases “Age doesn’t matter” always connects to a kind of relationship, but it does not only being connected to that, but it is also being connected to life. Sky diving, traveling solo to unfamiliar places, wearing the most sexist dress or swimwear, venturing a business, even reaching one’s goal, Age does not matter. There is this quote that I saw on Facebook that really caught my attention, “Getting married after 30 is still beautiful. Starting a family after 35 is still possible. Buying your first house after 40 is still a Boss move. Don’t let people rush you with their timelines”. That’s why I am happy to be team up with Blooming Jelly, an online shop that sells beautiful and sexy clothes for women of all ages. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

It's Summer and it's time for Summer vacay, I'm supposed to travel to Taiwan but unfortunately, things change. So I decided to visit one of the Islands in Thailand, Koh Chang Island or Elephant Island for 3 days and 2 nights. And it was a good choice, 3 days is not enough. Koh Chang is a beautiful island, and it offers a lot, to see, to do, to eat and etc. So here's my travel diary in Koh Chang Island. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Of all my travels, I can say these accommodations that I booked in Koh Chang is the most perfect by far I experienced. I am so glad and super happy to find these two resorts online and totally did not hesitate to reserve a room. There’s a lot of hotels and resorts in Koh Chang from budget-friendly to luxury type, so I decided to stay in a budget resort for our first night which is The Stage Koh Chang and to a luxurious resort for our second night Aana resort.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Althea Korea just launched their new products last April 23, 2019, the A’Bloom products. A’Bloom products consist of Mask sheets, blackhead and whitehead removal, and puffs, and they are so cute and amazing. Good thing Althea Korea sent me their A’Bloom products for me to try and show to you loves how cute and amazing they are. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I am not a fan of Korean pop music, but I’m a huge number 1 fan of Korean skincare. If there’s only one skin that I want, I want to have those Korean glass skin. Since the day I tried and discovered Korean skincare I am already obsessed with their products, and it works for me. However, it is just so hard to find a legit physical Korean store here in Thailand, and sometimes I have doubts in an online store because maybe, just maybe it’s not original, maybe it’s just a copy or fake products. Instead of making my skin so pretty, I might get bad results, you know what I meant. Good thing I found Althea Korea’s website, which saves the day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

When April comes it means Summer, for most of the countries, but here in Thailand? It's really Summer. And this time of the month it only means Summer vacay. So I packed my bags and head to the Island and enjoy the Summer vibe, good thing Rosegal provides amazing outfits for my Instagram holiday vacay OOTD.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

When it comes to healthy living, healthy foods and exercise regularly, obviously I failed in that area. I'm not a fan of vegetables, I always eat junk and fast foods, and so lazy to exercise. The more I get older, the more the fats I have due to a poor healthy lifestyle. I know you can relate to this loves, but I decided that its time to lose weight and discovered the easy way to lose weight. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It's always been my dream to watch an International famous concert, like Maroon 5, and finally, that dream came true. Since it's my first I need to look fabulous, good thing Rosegal is here to rescue.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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