A Day during Lockdown X FemmeLuxe

Lockdown is everywhere, self-quarantine, home quarantine, etc. People have different opinions, but I'm not writing this blog post to include myself in the heating arguments, I just want to share with you how I make my day productive even life is so hard right now. And make it more inspiring with FemmeLuxe. 

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So these are my honest routine in a day during the lockdown.

1. Coffee
My day always starts with coffee. It feels like the coffee is my daily dose of vitamins and I can't think or work properly without coffee. My favorite coffee is Mocha, but most of the time I love instant coffee because it is not bitter and just a second to prepare. However, I'm avoiding instant coffee lately because I felt that I'm gaining weight because of my high sugar intake including coffee. Good thing I found this amazing instant coffee that has 0% sugar, can't wait to share it with you loves soon.

2. Laptop works
After having a nice coffee, I always go to my working space and face my laptop to check for emails, my website, and my Youtube channel. I'm very passionate about my brand Its Beyond Imaginations, and I'm positive that someday it will grow as a business. It usually takes me half-day or entire morning to finish my work on my laptop, especially if I do my blog post, edit photos or editing videos, or doing research.

I highly recommend to make a To-Do -List the day before, I love doing To-Do list because you will be inspired to finish it all and to have a productive day. I also love the feeling of crossing out my list once I finish it, it's an achievement every day. Time is precious so we must appreciate it and be productive. 

3. Lunch Break
I usually have my lunch around 1:00 PM, I know it's quite late but I'm so lazy to buy my food or prepare. I'm a very hard working person, but when it comes to house chores or cooking, I am so lazy. I don't cook so most of the time I buy my foods outside, but I can do small cooking, like making pancakes, frying, or desserts if I am in the mood, LOL! Living alone is challenging.

4. Laundry 
I always do my laundry every day-off from work, it's just so convenient for me than doing my laundry every day. I'm a lazy person when it comes to house chores good thing there is a laundry shop downstairs of my apartment. You just insert 30 THB coins to the washing machine and that's it.

5. Netflix and Chill
I seldom watch a Netflix if there's nothing to do, then that's the time I'll just relax and watch my favorite show on Netflix. Currently, I'm addicted to Vikings and The Last Kingdom, they are a really good show, I love the story of how it reflects the true history of Vikings and Christians. Sometimes, It made me watch until the morning of the next day LOL!

Because it's a lockdown, I seldom go outside my apartment. But before the lockdown, I usually go to the mall or grocery in the afternoon to buy needed items and personal care, or meet-up with my friends or exercise outside. To be frank, I don't exercise indoors, I felt dizzy, tired and I can't breathe. So right now, as much as I wanted to exercise I have to wait for the lockdown to be lifted. 

And that's it loves, my routine during the lockdown, it sounds boring but I just want to share with you because I know there's a lot of people are so tired being kept inside due to the situation right now, let just think of the benefit we can get in the future, the faster the situation heals, the faster we will get back to our normal lives. Be safe everyone! 

What's your opinion?

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