90% of my travels domestic or international I always opt the cheapest airline and most of the time it's AirAsia. AirAsia flights are in Don Mueang airport and 99% of their flights are always departing early in the morning, it is kinda difficult for me because I live in Pattaya, 2 - 3 hours away from Bangkok. So, I always stayed at Don Mueang airport a night before my early flight the next day, like my recent trip to Koh Samui, I stayed in the airport for at least 10 hours before my flight. I always wanted to stay in a transit hotel near Don Meung airport, however, I could not find any affordable, convenient, and relaxing place to sleep, until I discovered Don Muang Hotel. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Living in a city for almost 6 years, it's normal to crave mountains, waterfalls, nature, and beaches. However, due to the given situation right now we only have limited opportunities. Luckily! I discovered new cafes in Pattaya Thailand (where I am currently living) that really give you a vibe of nature, it feels like you are not in the city anymore, Somtavin Cafe and Mongchang cafe


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

As I grew older I find myself having an interest in adult stuff, or finding myself in home depot. Sometimes I'd rather buy a beautiful chair than new clothes. Do you feel the same way? Or is it just me, LOL! Anyway, I am currently obsessed with Ceramics flatwares, mugs, and cups. Not the typical ceramics kitchen utensils but the minimalist ceramics with a unique style. Good thing I found Mr. Clayceramics on Instagram.

I first notice a minimalist style of ceramics from the House Tour Youtube video of Elsa's Wholesome Life, she has a very beautiful house and of course ceramics but it didn't hook me up yet until I always saw the IG story of Faye Balogo where she always posted her cute and cool ceramics coffee mugs and plates, and that's the time I decided for myself "I want one". I was so busy searching on Instagram who sells ceramics mugs and flatwares, I find a lot but two of them caught my attention the noodle.strorage and Mr.Clayceramics. I really like the uniqueness of noodle.storage and their aesthetic, however, the coffee mug that I'm eyeing is not available anymore. Luckily, Mr.Clayceramics have this coffee mug and saucer that is so cute, minimalist and so unique. It's light pink which is my favorite color and it has a spotted black brush stroke that makes it more unique. I love how the saucer is big enough, great for a piece of cake. The only concern me is that it's just a normal typical size of a coffee mug, I'm a coffee drinker, and a tall and big mug is what I want, but it's okay, it's still amused me. 

It doesn't stop me there, I also get 2 unique plates from Mr.Clayceramics, 1 round light pink plate and the other one is the Ombre light pink egg shape plate. These two plates are not the usual plates I found in my mom's and dad's house in the Philippines, these plates are so cool, so perfect for Instagram food shots and it makes my food looks so appetizing. I have no concerns with the plates they are so perfect. 

How do you find my new obsession with ceramics flatwares and kitchen stuff? Are they the cutest? LOL! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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