Getting ready for Summer

Its my first try to post an Outfit of the Day, since i was very inspired to post my fashion idea, experiences and a lot more inside my brain. Summer is approaching and i want to dress or wear something comfortable and the air can pass through my body. Summer is hot but don't forget to have a little cover on our body to prevent too much exposure at the sun.  

My white cardigan is from Zenana Outfitters, the cloth is very soft and comfortable to wear when it comes under the sun. And my Gold Spaghetti Strap Crop top, i bought it from Zalora 

My Blue Aviator is from Rayban
I love Denim, and they never failed to come out every and any decades. Mine are from AssiGn
I hope you like my outfit of the day, tell me about yours..?^^ just comment below.

Take care and Godbless..^^

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