Trying Lovito Workout clothes

 I am now in my postpartum recovery. While I'm writing this, I'm already in my 2nd month postpartum. I really want to get back in shape for so many reasons, like my uniform doesn't fit me anymore, and second, I want to look good to feel good. My workout clothes don't fit me either, so I need new workout clothes that are affordable but good quality. So I bought a new pair of workout outfits from Lovito.

Have you heard of the brand Lovito? According to their website, they shipped to 12 countries and regions, including Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Poland, and Spain. I discovered their brand in Shopee Thailand. Their pieces are so affordable. I was tempted to buy, however, I'm pregnant during those times and it's unwise for me to buy too many clothes knowing that I can't wear them for long. But now that I'm on the lookout for workout clothes, I tried their Plain Sports Wear U-Neck in color Gray and size L and the Sports Bra Smooth Basic Rear Delta in color Blue and in size L. 


I love the fabric of the clothes it's Nylon, Polyester and spandex, it's breathable however I am not happy with the size. Well, it fit me but it's too fit, I guessed I should size up. I also love the design of the bras because it is wide open at the back, I can wear them as an outfit also in my daily routine. What you see in the photos is the same as when you received the clothes. Am I going to buy more workout clothes from Lovito? Frankly speaking, I guess no. I am happy with my purchase but it doesn't give me a "WOW" factor. 





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