Gentle Woman: The Iconic Thai Brand You Need to Know


Gentle Woman is an iconic Thai fashion brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry since its inception. With its sleek designs and modern silhouettes, Gentle Woman offers timeless pieces that can easily transition from day to night. From tops, bottoms, and dresses to accessories, bags, and shoes, the brand has something for everyone. Not only does Gentle Woman provide quality pieces that will last for years to come, but it also helps to support the local economy in Thailand. Keep reading to learn more about this fabulous brand and why you need to know it!

The History of Gentle Woman

Gentle Woman is a Thai fashion brand that has quickly become an iconic label for women who value comfort and style. Founded in 2018, Gentle Woman has made a name for itself in the fast fashion industry, empowering women to break out of the beauty box and embrace their unique style.

Phaeng-Raya Wannapinyo, the co-founder of Gentle Woman, had no background in fashion or art.. In fact, she graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a degree in accounting and worked for a private company doing auditing for two years before starting her own business.


However, Phaeng-Raya had a pain point when it came to finding clothes that fit her small frame, and this frustration ultimately led her to start selling clothes online. After about a year of working a full-time job in accounting and running her business on the side, she made the decision to quit her job and pursue her business full-time. Today, Gentle Woman has become a beloved brand for women who value comfort and style.


What Makes Gentle Woman Unique

Gentle Woman stands out as a fast-growing success in the Thai fashion industry. Unlike other brands that heavily rely on marketing, Gentle Woman's secret to success lies in its focus on product development. The brand releases new collections every week, giving customers something to look forward to and making sure that there's always something new to try.


Gentle Woman is also known for being responsive to customer feedback and making adjustments to better cater to their needs.

One unique aspect of the brand is its GENTLEWOMAN Club line, which features the brand name prominently. This branding strategy has helped the brand gain recognition and recall among customers. Additionally, Gentle Woman's products are known for being of high quality, which appeals to both local and international customers. 

Overall, Gentle Woman's unique blend of product focus and branding strategy makes it a brand to watch in the Thai fashion industry.


Popular Products from Gentle Woman

Gentle Woman is a well-known Thai brand that offers a wide range of products for women. The famous line is the GENTLEWOMAN Club line. I honestly first heard of the brand Gentle Woman from Filipino Influencers such as Ry Germar, Jammy, Angelique Manto, Rhea Bue and many more.


They are really fascinated with the brand, and when I checked them out, their products were really good. Let's talk about the design, specifically the GENTLEWOMAN Club line; they are very unique, minimal, and aesthetic, especially their Tote bag.

What really fascinated me about Gentle Woman is that it looks a little similar to international brands like Sporty & Rich. However, GentleWoman is more like out loud with their brand through their products, they really put it out there. For example, for their famous tote bag instead of printing so many colors and creating design they opt for basic minimal color with a huge text of the brand name "GENTLE WOMAN".


I think this really caught the attention of many buyers, though there are a lot of Thai brands that have almost the same design with Tote Bags like the tote bags, but with the help of influencers who love the brand and keep using it, it makes other buyers also want to buy it. The power of influence!

I listed below a few products from Gentle Woman that I really like the most: the style, the design, and the creativity itself.

All photos are from Gentle Woman Website

My Own Experience with Gentle Woman Product

I don't want to write this blog post based only on my research and other people's thoughts on the brand, so I decided to spurge a little and give it a try. Since I am on the lookout for new pairs of slippers, I decided to buy the GW slippers.

You can really tell the difference between a copy and original product. Like this GW slipper, it's comfortable in the sole and it's a bit heavy but the strap it felt lightweight and thin. You can really tell the difference of the weight between the body of the slipper and the strap. I've been wearing "no brand slipper" at all times and the "no brand" slipper is very lightweight both body and the strap.

Comfortable to wear? I can say YES! The details of the print on the strap is very clean and specific. It really showcase the name of the brand GENTLE WOMAN.

Price worthy? I'm the kind of person who doesn't splurge so much on expensive things, especially slippers. But, well! I was influenced by the influencer, Lol! If you check the price in the website this slipper cost 1,099 THB but I saw Gentle Woman pop-up store in Central Festival Pattaya, Thailand and it only cost 990 THB. Like OMG! I scored the best price. So, without a doubt I bought it.

To summarize it all, is it worth the hype? Out of curiosity buying one piece of the brand, I guessed yes, for myself. But if I want to hoard? No, Gentle Woman is a fast fashion and right now I am investing more into sustainable fashion. 


So, I went out and use the slipper for the whole day just to test if this really worth it, well honestly at my sole med arch it hurts, that pain when you use a shoe for the first time, that feeling. It is painful, and not comfortable to walk for the whole day. It's really heavy to walk around. 

I guessed the GW slipper would be amazing, if the material of the slipper is not that hard a little bit soft. And plus, I wished it could be lighter. The GW slipper is I think for the hype, not for me. It's not an ideal slipper for me for everyday running errands.

Where to Find Gentle Woman Products

The brand currently has 15 stores located in the Bangkok metropolitan area. These stores offer a wide range of Gentle Woman products, including clothing, accessories, and home goods. They also have a website if you are not in Thailand or too far from their store, they offer international shipping.

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