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I don't want my Pregnancy to be boring so I make an effort to dress up and be presentable. I do love my pregnancy body, I love how my body evolve and changed. There are times that I find it difficult especially when I'm sleeping but I manage it and survived day by day. There are also some moments when my belly was so heavy however I am surprised at myself how strong I am, still doing some of my usual routines like my day job, long walks, carrying grocery bags, general cleaning in our house and many more.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

 My pregnancy is unplanned and I’m not ashamed of it, though it was scary at first, anxious, worried and a lot of emotions going on. However, through the days and months, I’m thankful and happy that my partner, our family and friends are very supportive of my pregnancy. And this doesn’t stop me to enjoy my pregnancy and experiencing everything that I deserved. Me and my partner supposed to have Babymoon in Phuket, but due to the surge of a new variant, I’m very worried that I get caught in this pandemic. I mean I can take all the risks of travelling if it’s just me but there is someone already inside me and I got to be responsible for all my decision in life. So, we decided instead of going to Phuket why not do the Maternity Shoot in Bangkok with a real Photographer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

 They say preparing your Hospital bag is like having a staycation, but honestly speaking I don't get the point of bringing a small suitcase and a huge box full of baby stuff. I also saw so many videos on Youtube that they brought a lot of things to the hospital and ended up not using them because the hospital already provided the baby's needs. I also saw Kryz Uy's video with her hospital bag she only packed basic things for her and her husband as far as I remember she only packed a few items for the baby. Luckily, I have a colleague at work who had labour in the same hospital that I'm going to so I asked her many things about her experienced, so here's my "What's in my Hospital Bag".

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

 I've been receiving messages lately on how to layer my skincare products, especially for the brand The Ordinary. They want to try a new skincare routine, but it's quite confusing which product to use first. So, here are my tips on what comes first and last.

Photo from: https://pin.it/1H8d1vG 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

 I’ve been eyeing Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok for a while now since I saw their promotion “Stay Vibrant”, I was fascinated with their photos on social media, especially the city view. I always wanted to see a perfect view of Bangkok with its high rise buildings and Hotel Indigo Wireless Road Bangkok has it all. However, I missed their promotion so I decided to wait for their new one and luckily I got their newest deal, Seventh Heaven Indulgence. They always have something new to offer every month.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

 I mentioned before that I used to love makeup, but I suddenly stopped using makeup unless there's an occasion or if I just feel like it. Now that I'm having my first ever maternity shoot, I want to look perfect without spending too much money on hair and makeup. I was contemplating whether I should hire a makeup artist or just do my makeup. For instance, If I will hire a makeup artist, it will cost me so much for just an hour or two photo sessions. However, if I do it for myself, I will just buy new makeup products, but I might not get the look that I want for myself. It's been a long time since I didn't do any major makeup touch-up with my face that's why I am very anxious about what to choose until I came up with a decision that I will just do it and hope that it will turn out amazing.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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