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 Just recently, I've been using sunscreen religiously. This decision pushed me to do better because I'm not young anymore and my skin needs as much protection as possible.

Also, recently I've been doing IV Drip for skin brightening, and it's totally a waste if I don't put in extra effort to keep my IV Drip working, like putting sunscreen on.

I've also noticed a lot of new sunsticks out on the market now. I think it's convenient and less hassle. Lucky enough, I received a gift from Ample:N for their new sunstick product, the Solar Shot Air Fit Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++

Discovering the Ample:N Sunstick

This sunstick, unlike any other sunscreen I'd used previously, piqued my interest because of its unusual composition and promises. The foundation of its formula is a strong blend of 10 different forms of hyaluronic acid that has been precisely blended with black bamboo extract.

This formulation piqued my interest because hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturizing characteristics, and black bamboo is known for its antioxidant advantages, which provide strong protection against environmental aggressors.

Delving further, I discovered that the Ample:N Solar Shot Air Fit Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ is designed to solve some of the most common sunscreen complaints: excessive oiliness and that unpleasant sticky feeling after application.

The addition of evening primrose, pine leaves, and extracts from African tree bark to its recipe demonstrates its ability to manage oil. This combination of chemicals is not only novel, but it expressly targets people with oily skin, guaranteeing a matte finish that is quite uncommon in the world of sun protection.

Furthermore, its outstanding SPF 50 PA++++ rating provides broad-spectrum protection against dangerous UV rays, including UVA and UVB. This level of protection, combined with its matte texture, makes the sunstick an appealing option for people who wish to prioritize their skin health without sacrificing comfort or looks.

The ease of this sunstick cannot be overemphasized. Its small, compact size makes it an ideal partner for on-the-go applications, allowing for quick reapplication wherever and whenever needed. This mobility component was an important part of its attraction, as it promised a simple solution to stay protected from the sun's damaging rays without the need for bulky bottles or tubes.

First Impressions and Packaging

When I received the sunstick, it was really compact, and the design was minimal and cute. The packaging is like a roll-on stick, but cute. I was also amazed that they really care about their product, not just manufacturing it and then selling it to the market, because when I opened the cover of the sunstick, there was a protective cover for the product.

This is like protecting the product itself from its packaging so it doesn't get messy. Well thought!

Application and Texture

Let's talk about the fragrance first. I love the smell of this sunstick It smells like shea butter; it's not aggressive and overwhelming like some other sunscreens.

The texture is creamy butter, like soap, but when I applied it to my skin, it felt weird because it was super light. I don't feel like I am putting a product into my skin like I used to. But this Solar Shot Air Fit Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ feels like nothing.

But when I touched it, I could feel the soft matte product; it also absorbed quickly and didn't leave stickiness or oiliness on my skin. After few minutes and hours I can still feel when I touched my face the soft matte feeling. It felt like I wasn't wearing any sunscreen at all.

It doesn't also leave debris or a white cast, and somehow it has a little bit of a blurring effect on my skin. It brightens and refreshes my skin.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

I really love the Solar Shot Air Fit Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++. It's very travel friendly; you can bring it everywhere and anytime, put it in a small purse or in your pocket, and it's very lightweight.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

 I never experienced acne since I was a kid until I gave birth. I have had little bumps or pimples before, one or two, but never acne that spreads throughout my entire forehead. It was totally depressing. I've tried a lot of products, but none of them all work.

Sometimes, it's hard to take photos or take selfies because I am not confident with my acne. They said to embrace your flaws. It's been almost a year since I had this, and I guess I'm slowly accepting the fact that it's going to be in my life forever.

I just have to deal with it and find ways to reduce the inflammation.

This blog post is not about the products that I used that were very successful; this is the opposite of them. I want to share the products that I purchased that did not work on my skin. These are my personal thoughts about the product, so no hate here.

Blax Project Acne Rescue Mask

I followed this Thai influencer who is the founder or owner of Blax Project, and as soon as she released her brand, I was very interested, though her contents are mostly in Thai, but I still got hooked by the idea that it can help with the acne problem.

The Acne Rescue Mask has Vitamin B5, Organic Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Dragon Blood, and Lotus Seed-FF; it's a perfect combination for acne, especially the aloe and tea tree oil. It also claims the following below:

  • Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, and fragrances.

  • Research and select the best ingredients from people with experience in acne and cosmetic medicine.

  • It helps reduce inflammation and heal acne-prone skin directly.

  • It helps tighten pores. Reduces oiliness but still maintains moisture.

  • Reduce dark spots and red spots, and gently revive the skin to be radiant.

It's a little bit expensive; it retails at 790 THB in their Lazada Shop, and it's only 60 g. The packaging is really nice and well thought out, with the owner's brand name, blacklist.secret, her Instagram feed, and contents. When you see them, you will know her favorite color is black.

The texture of the mask is heavy cream, gray; it doesn't have a smell, but when I applied it to my skin, I felt a minty cool feeling. Honestly, it reminds me of the iWhite Face mask when I was in high school.

After a few minutes, it will harden on your face like a clay mask. What I do to remove it after 15–30 minutes is, I use a damp face towel to remove it thoroughly, then use a face cleanser to finally cleanse my face.

My face became soft; I'm not gonna lie, it felt so refreshing, like I just went to a facial spa. However, I've been using this for almost 3 months, 2-3 times a week, but it doesn't change anything, or, shall I say, I did not see any changes with my forehead acne.

I think Blax Project Acne Rescue Mask is suitable for skin that has only small bumps or little pimples, not for skin that has a huge acne problem like mine.

Infresh Serum

I am so obsessed with finding the right product for my acne, and I think my Facebook feed also felt it; it recommended a lot of ads about acne-related topics. And it always showed me great reviews of Infresh Serum; it's really convincing, and I did buy it on their Facebook page.

I can't find their website or official Lazada or Shopee shop. They have four different packages:

  • Package 1: 2 bottles for 590 THB

  • Package 2: 4 bottles for 1,020 THB

  • Package 3: 7 bottles for 1,500 THB

  • Package 4: 9 bottles for 1,984 THB

I bought Package 1 first because I want to try it to see if it really works on me or not. Yes, they responded very quickly to my inquiries.

It also claims the following below:

  • Tighten Pores

  • Reduce Redness

  • Smooth and clear face

  • Reduce acne

  • Reduce acne scars

  • Reduce oiliness

  • Reduce dark spots.

The packaging of the serum is very interesting; I don't know why it looked like that; it's a bottled glass serum with no dropper tube, but it has a rubber cap to close the tip of the bottle. In order to apply the serum to the face, you have to turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the tip rubber.

The texture of the serum is a little bit sticky; it's not lightweight or heavy; it's in the middle. It absorbs quickly into my face. There is no fragrance.

The 1 million dollar question is: did it work? I almost emptied the first bottle, and I can say it worked a little bit. If I were to rate it from 1 not effective to 10 most effective, I would say 4. I see a difference, but not a lot.

I did a lot just to calm my acne, remove them, or clear my skin; I did IV drips, Azelaic Acid Suspension from The Ordinary, Salycilic Acid as well, Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash, and many more, but it seems like my acne problem is still here; however, it is less severe now than before. It's getting better.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

For the year 2024, specifically March, it's been a tradition with my little family to travel for our baby's birthday. And we decided to go to Taiwan.

Taiwan has a free visa for Filipino citizens until July 31, 2024, and we have to grab this opportunity before it becomes impossible to get a visa for Taiwan.

The top 3 reasons why we opt for Taiwan are:

  1. Cold weather

  2. Cherry Blossoms

  3. Free Visa for Filipino Citizens

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

 Honestly speaking, we are supposed to go to Japan this year, our first international trip in 2024. However, due to some issues with my baby's visa, we can't pursue it. 

So we decided to go to Taiwan; I've never been there, and Taiwan also has cherry blossoms and a cold season.

We want to go to a cold place that has a free visa for Filipino citizens; that's why we went to Taiwan.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

We decided to visit Phuket for our birthday month, September. It has been a long dream of mine to visit Phuket, and finally, we can. Luckily, our reservation at Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao is still available. We booked that resort in 2019, and I am so grateful to the management for still keeping our booking open.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

 We went to Phuket last week for our birthday trip, yes! me and my husband were born in the same month, September. It has been a tradition in our family to travel on our birthday, and this year we decided to go to Phuket here in Thailand.

It was a short vacation but it was all worth it, we felt relaxed, enjoyed and re-energized, though it was always been raining during our stay, but it didn't bother us because we stayed in Anantara Vacation Club in Mai Khao Phuket.

This blog is not all about our Travel Diary, I just want to share with you first what I wore in Phuket. 

Thursday, October 5, 2023

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