The Outfits I Rocked on My Recent Taiwan Vacation

 Honestly speaking, we are supposed to go to Japan this year, our first international trip in 2024. However, due to some issues with my baby's visa, we can't pursue it. 

So we decided to go to Taiwan; I've never been there, and Taiwan also has cherry blossoms and a cold season.

We want to go to a cold place that has a free visa for Filipino citizens; that's why we went to Taiwan.

Before we decided to go to Taiwan, and during the days that we were sure that we could go to Japan, I had already started building and planning my OOTDS for Japan.

Puffer vests, coats—you name it. Sadly, a few of them will only be in stock in the closet. 

But some of them I got the chance to wear in Taiwan.

Taiwan's weather when we got there was still cold, and what I meant by cold is really, really cold for an Asian woman like me who lives in a tropical country.

I hope you like my outfits and get the inspiration you need to plan your next travel outfit.

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