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 As we all know, fashion always comes back. For example, the high-waisted loose-fitting "mom jeans" used to be big in the late 90s and they came back during the 2000s; another one is the scrunchies were everything in the '80s and now we can see them all over Instagram; and who can forget the puffy sleeves that were so popularized in the late 1800s and now we can see them on the runway. Another great example is Y2K fashion, which made a huge comeback last year 2021 and continues to do so today 2022.

But what is Y2K fashion? At first I didn't have any idea what it was, until I found the answer from Google. It is a "stylistic trend covering the late ’90s and early-to-mid 2000s styles." Imagine Paris Hilton, Destiny's Child, and the movie Mean Girls. Their style of fashion during the 2000s is what Y2K means. Literally, Y2K means "Year 2000". I used to adore this trend way back when I was a teen. I liked to wear baggy jeans, flared jeans, and low-waist jeans with rhinestones on them. How about you? Do you recall any memories of your Y2K fashion? Moving on, if you are interested in Y2K fashion but don’t know how to start, This guide is for you. I highly suggest trying the jeans first. Jeans are one of the staples in our wardrobe. You can wear the jeans in your day-to-day routine, and even if the trend fades away, you can still wear your jeans.

All the suggested clothing below is from DearLover. DearLover is a well-known women's clothing wholesaler. They are able to deliver inexpensive, high-quality, and fashionable women's clothes and lingerie to over 15,000 wholesalers and retailers in over 160 countries throughout the world thanks to their unique position, knowledge, and approaches. Their clothing is ideal for women who want to follow the current fashion trends. To assure the finest quality of all their items, they obtain top-grade fabrics, laces, and even trims from over 650 vendors and use the most up-to-date sewing equipment.

Sky Blue Vintage Wash Casual Wide Leg Jeans

Black Rib Seamless Crop Top

Brown Button-up Long Sleeve Plaid Shacket

Sky Blue Washed Ripped Knee Wide Legs Jeans

White Leopard Smile Face Print Short Sleeve Oversized Tee

Sky Blue Vintage Casual Pocket Flared Jeans

White Leopard Basketball Game Day Tank Crop Top

Black High Waist Pockets Bell Jeans

Blue Hollow-out Criss Cross Slim-fit Crop Top

I really think that the recommendations above are very cool and casual. There is no need to hide the trendy clothes at the bottom of the closet once the Y2K trend is gone because the suggested outfit above can be worn anytime and anywhere. If you would like to invest in trendy fashion, I advise getting pieces that can be used or worn even if they are out of style.

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