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For women, our skin is one of the most concern, we feel flattered when someone told us that we have a beautiful skin. And we are so envy to those people who have brighter, fairer and younger looking skin.

I started giving more attention with my skin and face when I was in high school, I saw my mom who always put lotion on her body and some products on her face. And that’s the time I started using lotion and other products also. On my research, that aging starts on early 20’s, so that’s the time you must give a little more extra care with your skin. Taking good care of our skin help us to avoid early sign of aging and skin problems especially under the sun, and stress. 

Let me share with you some of my knowledge about skin care and my personal routine. I always been a fan of Michelle Phan, she’s been promoting to use more organic than products with high alcohol. Products with high alcohol ingredients can irritate your skin especially to sensitive one. So, for washing my face I used first CARROT SOAP. 

Carrot soap is made from its name “Carrot”. Carrots are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to vitamin A inside the body. It helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun's harsh rays. There are a lot of Carrot soap now in the market, but I specifically used the product which is really made in Butuan City, Philippines. Why? I’ve been using their Carrot Soap for 3 years now and my skin really lightens and become softer. 

Take note! After washing your face with lukewarm water, do not rub your face with your towel, just tap the towel into your face. 

After washing my face and drying it, I put Serum in my face first. Serum acts as a liquid specialist. Because after washing your face, your face will be tighten much and the moisture need to be maintain in your face. Moisture makes your skin soft. For my Serum I used GARNIER SAKURA WHITE PINKISH RADIANCE ULTIMATE SERUM
Garnier Sakura White it has a water consistency and doesn’t slip and slide. From the label itself it has a new beads infused whitening technology.
After using the Serum, I use my eye cream, we need also to consider taking care of our eyes, especially the surrounding areas in our eyes to prevent early wrinkles and puffy eye bags and also dark circles under our eyes. Well who wants to go out like the eye of the Panda? For my eye cream I use NIVEA Q10 ANTI WRINKLE EYE CREAM.
Q10 and Creatine are powerful actives that are naturally present in the skin – but with age their levels decrease, leaving skin with less energy to regenerate. Minimizes dark under-eye circles. Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes
Next in line, is the moisturizer for our face, do not ever forget to use moisturizer, because we do not want our skin to get dry. It’s just like our body it needs water. For moisturizer I consider a lot of things, especially the brand, and the ingredients. And most of my products, I consider first is the amount of sunscreen. Since I’m living in a hot country I need to take extra care of my skin.

A short knowledge about sunscreen, sunscreen help us to protect our skin from UVA and UVB rays. Where we can encounter this one? It’s from the Sun. The Sun rays causes our skin from damage, dryness, aging and of course skin cancer. To avoid these one I always use moisturizer with SPF and PA, or my other skin care products must have sunscreen protection especially my make-ups. SPF means Sun Protection Factor, and it indicates UVB protection. There are a lot of amount of SPF in a lot of products, these indicates how many times you apply the sunscreen product or how long the sunscreen does protects you under the sun. SPF 5, works only for 50 minutes so you need to re-apply every 50 minutes, but this is so crazy, applying every 50 minutes makes people think of you like “OA”. So I recommend to use SPF 15 that works 2 hours and 30 minutes. For SPF 30 it works 5 hours, and SPF 90 protects you for 15 hours. Aside from SPF you need to consider also the PA, what is PA? PA means UVA protection. PA + means the lesser amount, PA++ is the medium amount and PA +++ is the most amount.

Advanced daily sun protection lotion with Helioplex™ that gives superior protection again UVA/UVB rays. It helps prevent appearance of brown spots and skin darkening due to sun exposure, as well as new dark melanin from forming. Protective multi-vitamin complex with antioxidants with Vitamins A, C and E and green tea extract helps prevent environmental damage that may accelerate the signs of aging. In a lightweight moisturizing texture that is oil-free, non-sticky, it provides you with needed hydration and protection in maintaining fair, even-toned skin.
My Neutragena fine fairness moisturizer is for the day time use, I have another moisturizer for night time or before I go to sleep. And that is NEUTRAGENA LIGHT NIGHT CREAM.
Light Night Cream is a light yet effective overnight cream. This non-greasy, dermatologist-tested formula absorbs quickly into skin. It provides an immediate surge of moisture, doubling skin's moisture level for eight hours.
And the top of everything before I put my make-up on, I used a Face Sunblock Screen. This is to make sure that there is no Sun rays can damage my skin. For Sunblock cream you need also to consider the SPF and PA amount. For me, I used the C’CARE SUNBLOCK FACE CREAM WITH SPF 50 AND PA ++

And don’t forget to use lotion of course for your body skin, there are a lot of lotion out in the market right now. And the same with moisturizer and sunblock you need to consider the SPF and PA. No matter how many times it says it whitens your skin but the sunscreen amount is very low, it will never happen. Whitening versus Sun Rays? Who do you think will win? Well for my lotion I used VASELINE HEALTHY WHITE WITH SPF 24 AND PA ++, I used this lotion for six years already, and I can’t look for any lotion that has the right amount of sunscreen. Of course if your favorite lotion don’t have that amount to protect you, you can use Body cream sunblock. But for me, it adds another cost so I need to find one product package everything. 

I hope you learn something from my blog post today and get inspired to take care of our skin more..^^ How about your skin daily routine? Tell me about it?

Take care always. <3

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