my first Christmas party 2014

December has a lot of parties to attend from Reunion to Christmas parties. It’s my first time to spend my December here in Thailand. But I’m also thankful that despite my family is so far away, still I have my friends and my love. 

First Christmas Party that I attended is the Celestica Company Christmas Party, where my boyfriend works for almost 5 years as a Design Engineer. It was held at Hard Rock Hotel, and the theme of the party was “Rock n’ Roll”. 
I was so excited to attend with my boyfriend for two reasons, first to try a new style of fashion, and the second one is to see everyone what they wear.

My outfit for the night is not actually full fashion rockstar, but I applied some details of a rock star.
The set-up was all black including the table, what to expect? It’s a rock star party. 
The center piece is quite simple but elegant, it’s like a lampshade with a white flower, I just don’t have any idea what flower is that
And the food? Not bad..^^
The banquet room is not that quite big, but it really accommodate the people inside the party. The stage is simple but again it’s still nice to look at.
The main attractions of the party is not the place itself but the people who puts all effort just to dress like a rock star. These group called themselves as the “skinny boys”. Skinny boys, means they wear skinny jeans, not the literally meaning of it. 
Also in the event, it’s not exclusive for Celestica and their families, but also it is open to all who wants to join, just pay the registration. And surprisingly I met my ex co-teacher at MV. I am so happy to see him again with a very handsome look.
>>my ate/friend here in Thailand JAnet, and the work-mate of my boyfriend Jois
my love Manolo Hora, who is been supportive and loving since the beginning.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog..^^ don't forget to live life to the fullest.

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