My Summer Bucket List 2015

Actually i don't have any idea what months does Summer take place, but i knew that April to August are Summer Days. I'm here in Thailand and working but trying to make my summer not so gloomy.

So I made my own 15 Summer Bucket List and hopefully all of them where going to happen :D

 First on my list is to go on hiking, I'm working right now here in Pattaya so i have no time to go outside my work zone, but there's a beautiful Pratumnak Hill in Pattaya. At the top of the hill they said that is really relaxing when you see the whole Pattaya City. So better try it before my Summer ends..^^

 When you say Summer it's all about beaches, that's a compulsory i think.

 Well ther's no doubt on it, i will surely go to a concert this coming September (crossfinger hehe). To see my idol Maroon 5. I'm looking forward to get a hug from him, lol. :D

 It's been my dream to go on a train, not just any other train but those old vintage train like just in Harry Potter. I know that there is something like this here in Pattaya, but i don't know exactly where it's heading to. But i'll do the research.

Be fit and live Healthy. People are screaming it in my face, hahahaha. I have this attitude that i'll run for three days afternoon, then after that i'll stop because i have so many excuses in my veins. :D Then it will take a month to go back being healthy. But this summer i'll push my self to run more.

Summer is also a very uncontrollable days of my life when it comes to money, because there are a lot of SALES in the malls and everywhere I go. So i need to SAVE my money for the future important needs and emergency.

Totally it's my dream Phone in my entire life, and before Summer Ends "I will have you, and no one in the world can separate us" ^___^

In Philippines or in Thailand after Summer it's Rainy Season, i don't want to change my color this days because of the hate feeling of Mr. Sun. It will totally damaged my hair during this days, so before the day ends in Summer i will change my hair Color for a new me.

I haven't been to a zoo but i saw a lot of animals already but not totally all kinds of Zoo animals. I can go to any zoo as long as there is a TIGER. I love all kinds of cats in the world, i'm a cat person. It's my dream also to take a picture with the tiger while hugging him or her and if possible i want to kiss his or her chick. Isn't it cute? ^^

Summer is not only for beaches but also for Water Parks, there is this new waterpark in Pattaya the Cartoon Network Water Park. Actually i don't know how to swim but i really wanted to soak my body on those waters and play with it (just like a kiddo). And definitely i will not absolutely try the slides, I have such a wild imaginations on it, so avoid --- avoid ---avoid.

It's very popular right now, the Infinity Pool. Every Hotels have an infinity pool. I want to feel the feeling of having a swim while watching the whole city or beach. It feels like classy and (i can't explain the feeling).

There is this popular 3D Art Museum here in Pattaya, that when you have a picture with it, it looks like your painted in that Art.

I sucks when it comes to sports so why not try to do an indoor sport. Bowling is a perfect thing, when i saw some movies that there having a bowling thing, i'm so curious how to hold the ball, how to sway it and is it very heavy? i don't have any idea.

Pattaya, Thaialnd has a lot of tourist spot to offer so i don't want to tell it one by one so i want to avail any not so expensive day tour and experience all the beauty of Pattaya City.

And never forget to relax before the Summer end, it's good to have a picnic with your loveones.

I hope you enjoy reading my Summer Bucket List for this year 2015 and hopefully it will inspire you also. ^^ And hopefully i can do all this things before my summer ends.

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