Weekend Stay

Last week me and my boyfriend went to Bangkok for a main reason, and that is to renew our Philippine Passport, but at the same time i had my second reason. So we need to stay over night at Bangkok.

We decided to stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. 

Actually were on a tight budget on spending money for our one night stay in Bangkok, and it happens that Baiyoke Sky Hotel, is the only hotel offers a reasonable price. ^_______^

Baiyoke Sky Hotel claims to be the tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand. And when we stayed there certainly it is. But we have some positive and negative comments about the hotel though.

Let me share with you our room choice..^^
We reserve a Superior Deluxe Room

When you open the door of your room, you will see first a small hallway, carpeted with a whole body mirror at the right side and a huge closet at the left side. 

There is also an attached chair at the left side of the hallway next to the closet. 

Honestly Speaking I've heard that Baiyoke Sky Hotel is an old hotel, but i wasn't expecting that it's kinda boring in my own opinion. 

This is the bed area, there's nothing you can see, only the bed and bed side table. I wish they could put a painting at the top of the headboard to make it more lively. 

The right side of the bed is a vanity mirror with chair.

And in front of the bed is a small living room, with only one couch and a table. and the TV is quite ok. 

and beside the TV set, is a big window showing the whole area of Bangkok. The view is certainly amazing. 

Wherever i go, I always make sure that i take good care of my skin..^^

This is the view of the hotel from the outside during night time.

And they have different kinds of elevator going to your room, to the restaurant, or even when you go outside. It's kinda confusing ^^ I think i rode three different elevators when we stay at the hotel.

For breakfast time, we need to go to 78 floor to have their breakfast buffet. It's new to me that i need to go to the sky just to eat my breakfast, well what can i say I love breakfast buffet. :D

They have different kinds of foods in their buffet table, but i wasn't amused as what i expected. the only food that i love in their tables are pancakes, which i love the most.

The Restaurant has a glass wall, so while you eat you can really see the entire Bangkok. So when you have a fear of heights, better not eat here..^_______^

Also their lobby is in the 18th floor, so if you want to visit Baiyoke Sky Hotel, go directly on the 18 floor. The lobby was quite wide and big.

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