Confession of a Shopaholic

Are you the kind of person that when you see a new clothes or foot wears you buy it immediately without thinking that you don’t have any more money in your pocket? Or you have no events to go to but you still buy that dress and it just stay in your closet like forever and waiting to be wear or you see some new trending clothes online and you’re dying to buy one. If everything I asked you say Yes, then you are a fashion addict or a shopaholic.

I haven’t buy any new clothes yet, even though I am eager to do some clothes shopping. But I need to balance everything, my budget and do I really need new clothes? I’m a true fashion freak, but I manage to control myself and think about everything before I buy. Before I buy a new clothes I always ask myself with the following questions.

1       1. When I buy this dress/shoes do I have still a money for the next week? Or before my salary come?
     2.   Did I pay already my bills before I will buy this dress/shoes?
3       3. When I will buy this dress/shoes, will I used it immediately? Or it will just stock in my closet?

This following questions will guide me when I want something, so it will balance everything and no regrets at all.

Being a shopaholic is not easy to get out, especially when you’ve been a shopaholic for so many years and you haven’t control yourself for a long time. But there’s always a hope from this addiction. You just need to think of the future. This month I have no events or activities to attend to, and I want something new to wear. So I decided to take out all my clothes in my closet and start doing mix and match, styling and pairing to a brand new look. You don’t need to spend all your savings just to buy a new look for your everyday routine. It’s all about being creative with good imagination.

Tank Top from H&M

White Lace Shorts from Emily Casual

Sandal or Flip-flops Aerosoft

Remember it's not about how much is your clothes are but it's about the goodness in your heart ^___^
How about you? how you managed yourself being a shopaholic? ^^

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