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I assume that June and July are the busiest months of our fresh graduates to hunt jobs of their dream or to start being independent and save for the future. I've been there before, weeks before I graduated I already search for any vacancy in the city. It's not that easy when there is a 10 person competing for only one position. But my mantra is to never give up, and here I am. Though I haven't reach my dream goal in life yet but I'm getting there. Just never give up on your dream.

I want to share my favorite look for a job interview.

When you say basic it's all about White and Black, it's a tradition in a job interview. It's also part of Business Etiquette to dress a black and white. When I was in college we are thought to wear a white long sleeve with collar and black skirt knee level with black shoes.

I wan't to stick to tradition and add some stylish touch to make it more unique and lively. Since Summer is nearly ending and Rainy season is fast approaching I want to layer a coat in my black and white attire.

In a job interview one of the main criteria that an Interviewer grade the Applicant aside from her or his Resume and related documents is his or her first step on the door. First impression always stays at the mind of the Interviewer to the Applicant so better wear something formal and professional on your interview. Or if you don't have the idea what to wear just stick to tradition White and Black, and if you want to add color layer it with coat but not that too bright. Avoid wearing excessive jewelries it will totally make a negative impression to an interviewer. And wear a light make-up to look fresh and beautiful, avoid wearing too much make-up because you're going to an interview not a party. And lastly be prepared and be confident.

Coat by H&M
White Long sleeve by a Korean Boutique Shop
Black Skirt by Vania's Dresser
Black Pointed Shoes by Roberto Shoes
Brown Leather Bag by Thrift Shop

How about you? What did you wear on your first interview? Please comment below. ^^ **kisses 

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