My Bag Make-over

Hello everyone, one of the hardest things in a Girl or Woman’s Life is to maintain the cleanliness and organize inside our favorite bag. We arrange and clean and after three or more days it becomes chaotic. Surprisingly we found a candy wrapper inside our bag or a coin in the bottom of the bag. There are times that when we change our bag for work or school, we tend to forget something that’s inside our previous bag. Girl’s problem, but hey it’s normal we are not perfect but we can change for the better. ^^

Let me share with you my tips and ideas on how to organize my bag.

I never leave the house without make-up on, because when I’m not wearing an eyeliner my eyes looks like that I cried for the whole night. So I always bring my make-up essentials on the go for re-touched.

I don’t want my make-up to be scattered inside my bag, so I always put them in my cute little pouch to keep them together. So when I need to re-touched I’ll just grab my make-up pouch.

For my money, I used a Rectangular wallet this is to keep my cash, receipts and cards together.

It is better for me to use a rectangular wallet with compartments so that I can organize efficiently and separately my cash and receipts and cards

Let’s talk about coins, I always keep my coins inside my bag, they really help my life easy. Especially when I’m having a commute. I don’t want to pay a huge amount of cash just for a THB 10.00 of commute, it will totally delay the driver and me and also it will caused a traffic and sometimes the driver don’t have a changed or even sometimes the driver will do some tricks to over prized your charged.

I always place my coins together and only coins in a small pouch so that I can grab it easily in my bag.

For my keys, there are a must in my bag. I can’t get inside my house without my keys, and I don’t want to borrow the main keys in the office because it’s hard to translate in English when they don’t understand English. A life working in a foreign non English country.

I am a colorful and happy person so I make my keys also colorful, change is good for the better.

My cute glasses are always in my bag so that I can used it every time I go outside. So I put them in a cottony pouch so the lens will not be scratched inside my bag. It is better to use a cottony pouch for your sunnies, this is to make more space inside your bag for your other things.

Color depends on your mood, but sometimes I always have one color for my things. I always put cover in my gadget so it will not easily damaged inside my bag. It’s better to be safe than never.

And for the last piece I always placed in my bag is my Planner and my cute peach pen.

Ever since in my life I’m always been a Girl Planner.

So that’s how I organized my beautiful things, now let’s organized them inside my bag. ^____^

I hope you enjoy my post for today, and the new style and color of my blog post. I will do my best to improve more so that you will enjoy more reading my blog. ^^ Please if you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to comment below. ^^

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