A trip to Kho Larn Island

Before Summer is about to end, I need to give justice to myself to experience what Summer’s like. Thanks to my friend, for giving me a chance to be with her, LOL!!!. This Summer 2015 is not a vacation at all to me, I have a work that I need to attend to so it’s such a blessing when my friend invited me for an Island Trip.

Kho Larn Island is one of the famous attraction in Pattaya, Thailand. When you asked the locals they will truly recommended the Island. In my research Kho Larn Island is "Coral Island".

I had already been planning this Island trip a long time ago, but it doesn't happen at all because of some circumstances with my work. And then the opportunity comes, when my dear friend also a blogger invited me to visit these famous Island. So I was excited and super happy to finally see what the Island really looks like. 

We depart from the city of Pattaya around 10:30 AM. But according to one of my friends who already visited the Island  the first trip going to Kho Larn is 7:00 AM. Going to Kho Larn Island you need to go to Bali High Port to catch the boat going to Kho Larn. But you need to purchase the ticket first at the port ticketing office. 

The boat has a sailing schedule so better know what are the schedule of the boat's departure rather than waiting an hour at the ticketing office. The ticket is only 30 THB. At this time, we don't really know that there is a scheduling of boat's departure going to the Island, we all just know that the boat start sailing on 7:00 AM. Well it's all our first experience going to the Island, so its really a great adventure.

When we already bought the ticket we walk straight ahead to the boat. Certainly, there's a lot of tourist during this time, maybe because it's Sunday and it's family day.

The boat is big and old and I think  its 50% made of wood. I grew up in Mindanao, Philippines there is a transportation there going to Ozamis City it's a Barge, but the boat in Pattaya is smaller than the Barge. And it's a must that every passenger must wear the life vest during the trip going to the Island. 

The trip sails around 40 minutes going to the Island, so it's really quite a long journey. 

When we are nearly approaching the Island, I can perfectly saw what the Island looks like. So here's a thing, Kho Larn Island is really an island, there are small Inns in the beaches but the Island is not a good place for night activities, because there are none. Vendors in the Island will closed around 5:00 PM, so during those time and on wards it's really quite. Activities during the day are snorkeling, banana boat and jest skiing. There are also small restaurants in the area if you didn't bring any foods with you. The Island is small so don't expect that you can stay longer in the Island to explore, the Island is good for a day exploration. Kho Larn Island have a finest and white sand, the beach is clean but it's populated during week-ends. 

So we arrived at the Naban Port in Kho Larn, it's a long bridge going to the Island.

Kho Larn has six beaches, and we visit the famous Tawaen Beach. 

As you can see, there are so many tourist during this day, and we actually really don't like it. It's not that were anti-socialize, it's just that we visit the Island just to relax and enjoy. We need a place that is more quite and less people.

So we decided to go to the other side of Tawaen Beach, because it is a lot more quite and less people. 

Thank you for reading my Beyond Imagination Travel at Kho Larn Island, I hope you get some ideas in my trip in this Island..^^

Enjoy your day, kisses *** ^___^

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