Thank you Dad

Last month we honor and celebrate the day of our Mother, now this month we honor again and celebrate the day of the first man in our life, our Father.

My father has always been there for me since I was at the womb of my mother. When I was a kid I thought my father was a very tall man like a basketball player but when I grew up every day I realized that our family has a great and amazing height resemblance. Aside from good looking my father is the best and loving father. I’m not a perfect daughter but he always stood by my side, though he is very disappointed sometimes but he never lose hope that someday somehow I will change for the better. My father always provide us everything we need and wanted, he is always there to support us and do his very best to get our dreams come true. He is my hero, I will not be in my position right now if it wasn’t for him. And that’s how lucky and grateful I am to have a father like him. ^^

And now I am so far away with my Father and it’s so impossible to be with him this coming Father’s day, but distance doesn’t matter to extend my love with him and how thankful I am. That’s why I am Thankful that I found out ZALORA.

Zalora is one of the biggest online shopping company worldwide, they have a lot of different brands and their products are in great quality from Women to Men’s Apparel, Make-ups, Accessories, Foot wears and a lot more. If you are in the Philippines you can visit their website at and if you are in Thailand its . And if you are not living in these two countries just search the Zalora in your browser and it will automatically link you to the Zalora website. What I like about Zalora is that you can buy their items with or without credit cards. You can pay cash upon delivery of your order, and they will also deliver your order at your doorstep.

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I hope you find something for your Dad or Father for Father’s Day..^^
Happy Father’s Day to everyone.. ^^

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