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In international Calendar there’s only two main events that will happen in February that is Valentine’s Day and CHINESE NEW YEAR. And obviously these two events happens to share common theme color and that is RED. But this time, I am going to share with you my Three outfits that is best for Chinese New Year and I think it works also for Valentine’s Day with the famous Lace up ballerina that is totally on trend right now.

Most girls define their style through their bags but most of them through their pair of shoes. I personally think that a good pair of shoes or heels is totally enough for a shirt and jeans. But sometimes i always make sure that the pair of shoes i choose can be match in all the clothes in my wardrobe. Honestly girl, I'm not that rich to buy all the expensive shoes everyday to wear, so I need to make sure that this shoes that i choose can be wear in my everyday life. "Reality" but there are also some times i buy a pair of shoes for a certain occasions, that is an excuse. 

Zalora TH Women's Apparel open their newest collection for the Chinese New Year and it's totally awesome and affordable so anyone in Asia can have this amazing collections. As i said a while ago that making sure that everything you buy can be wear in everyday life or any occasions, and that is Money-wise. Spending money in a right way. I can say that the newest collections of Zalora TH for Chinese New Year is totally money wise because their designs and colors can be wear in everyday life and also for special occasions, it's on trend and the design is obviously for every girls in the world. Watch the video below so you'll know what I'm talking about.

There are times that i cannot to go to malls or boutique to buy shoes because of so many reasons in the world, that's why I'm thankful enough that there is Zalora TH, one of my favorite online store in Asia (No bluffing here, as what you've seen in my previous outfit post or in my IG, I'm a Zalora girl. So these three outfits in one shoes is very helpful for me because i don't need to buy tons of shoes just to pair each of them). Women's Shoes are essentials but you need to think twice. 

- Jonathan Swift 

Lace up Ballerina from Zalora TH

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