Travel Diary: Changmai Night Safari

On my second day in Changmai, Thailand we are actually confused on where to go because we don't have a fixed itinerary. We are just hoping that our tour driver will lead us to great spot in Changmai. Until we all decided to visit the famous Changmai Night Safari

 A short information about "Changmai Night Safari" is one of the world's famous nature attraction that offers amazing adventure and creative experience. Changmai Night Safari is approximately 131 hectares of land with more than 400 small animals of over 50 species. It is actually called Night Safari because most of the activities and adventures begins at night especially with their famous tram ride where you can see and touch and feed the animals closely. You can go to the Safari at the afternoon and walk around the trail to see other animals while waiting the shows and activities to start. Below are the pictures of animals i took at the Safari.

I am amaze that they are just roaming around the property, and you can touch them closely whenever you want.
It's my first time to see a Giraffe as closely as this time, and i realize that Giraffe really have a very tall neck.

It's also my first time to see closely a Flamingo, and surprisingly amazed by their very tiny legs. when they stand tall they hide the other leg under them while they only stand with one leg.

This is a show for the animals that is so amazing because they know where and what they are doing. I think they are highly trained.

This is also my first time to see a Hyenas in my whole life, i only seen them at the TV.

These are trams that will give you a ride to see, touch and even feed those animals inside the Safari.

 And that's are all the photos that i took inside the Safari, the experience is unexplained, it feels like excitement, happy, there are also some tears of joy, mixed emotions. And all of the animals are incredibly beautiful, some of them i just seen at books and TV, some of them never heard until that day. What i like the most at that adventure was when we had a Tram ride where i had opportunity to feed the zebra, giraffe and many more. I just don't have a photos or videos on that time.  But it's totally worth and enjoyable. 

If you want to go to Changmai Night Safari you can take a look on their website just click HERE.  

I hope you enjoy reading my travel blog post today. Please leave a comment below on what do you think about my travel blog. For the next adventure soon! 

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