Travel Diary: Doi Inthanon Changmai

Last December 19, 2015, before the year ends, I visited Changmai, Thailand with few friends and my partner. The main reason why we went there was because my partner and our friends were joining the Marathon held in Changmai. And also a side trips of the beautiful city of Changmai.

 When we landed in Changmai I'm already in love with the place, it's a combination of classic and modern. I really love the interior of their restaurants and cafes, know why? because it's vintage. As what i'm talking in my previous post, i'm a vintage person. Also it's totally different in Pattaya and Bangkok, there's a lot of flowers in the street it feels like i'm in my hometown in Philippines. In our first day in Changmai, we went to Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. Some of my friends already went there and when i saw their pictures they are really wearing thick coats because according to them it's really freezing out there. So i'm excited to feel those freezing moment, hey! you can't blame someone who is living in a tropical place. 

Going to Doi Inthanon is not that easy, we actually traveled for 2 hours just to get to the mountain and we rent a van and with the driver also because i don't know if there's any public transportation going there. The photos above is not yet in Doi Inthanon, it's Wachirathan Waterfall that you can pass and stop going to the highest mountain. Just a tip! the roads going to the mountain is super narrow so be careful when you are driving the car.

The photos above are the scenes that you will see at the top of Doi Inthanon, and i can totally say that it is breath-taking and worth it. 

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