Skincare on Flight

Before 2015 ends and the first month of 2016 I've been travelling outside Philippines, and I could say it is totally an amazing experience to see different kinds of places all over the world. But sometimes travelling comes with stress especially with your skin hydration. Air inside the plane can dry out your skin that's why you need to be ready with all your solutions.

For my beauty blog post of the day I would like to share with you some tips and ideas about skin regimen while on travel that is totally helpful, who doesn't want to look fresh when you land right? But before going to the routine, first things first. It is prohibited to any airlines to bring more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces of liquid. If they caught you bringing big bottles of moisturizer or alcohol in your hand carry? Sorry to say but girl they are going to get it and you cannot bring it on your travel. Say bye-bye to your expensive moisturizer. And the question is raised then where I’m going to put my moisturizer or toner or facial cream? So easy! If you haven't heard we have this mini travelling containers that are allowed to bring along with your carry-on bag. You can fill the containers of all your skin care products and you can use it inside the plane. I’m currently loving these new “Travel set compact” from Watson TH because it’s very affordable and it also comes with this cute pouch and travel pillow.

So let’s now move on to the skin routine while on board.

1. If you are wearing make-up, remove your make-up using wet wipes. Removing make-up on board is a good thing because it will totally dried out inside the plane because of the air.

2. Toner, sometimes wet wipes cannot remove everything in your face that’s why you need Toner to remove the excess make-up and also to balance the acidity of your skin.

3. Facial mask,  you can use your moisturizer but I prefer to use the mask while on board because it will really hydrate my skin and when I get out of the plane I just simply look like came from a spa.

4. Eye mask, are very helpful in comes of travelling for long hours, it will help your eyes to de puff.  So when you get out from the plane you will not bring with you your excess bags in your eyes.

And lastly when you land, don't forget to take out your eye mask. And that’s it! So easy and convenient, travelling is not for luxury it’s all about adding experience to your life that serve as a happy memories.

How about you? Do you use skin care products while on board? Comment below and I’m so excited to read all about it.

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