Denim on Denim

Denim are one of a must in my closet, I have a denim jeans, denim top, denim jacket or even a shorts. Sounds addicted to Denim right? But I can’t help it wearing denim feels like cool and chic. But sometimes it’s totally hard to pull it all together when the weather is kinda hot. 

I always make sure to wear a light weight Denim so I will not die because of the harsh sunny weather. When I went to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort, I decided to wore a Denim top and denim shorts. But I need to make sure that it is refreshing to look at and it’s a mountain resort, and I want to look like simple and just edgy. 


1. Make sure that the two denims (top or bottom) have different hues but do not go beyond the opposite. Like if your top denim is bright your bottom should be bright but not the same hues with your top.

2. Break the color of your Top and bottom denims by wearing a black belt or if you are wearing your top denim as a cover up only, wear a color that can break the two denims.

3. So, if you are not quite sure about your Denim to Denim look you can choose a Denim jacket to paired by your denim pants, skirt or shorts. Because if you don't feel the vibe of Denim on denim ways you can take off the denim jacket. It's like playing safe. 

So what do you think of my Denim on Denim look? Do you also like to wear Denim to Denim Outfits? Comment below and i'll be happy to read and response.


Denim Polo from Manita
Sheer Singlets from H&M TH
Denim Shorts from Platinum Bangkok

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