Travel Diary: Manuel Resort

As what I’ve talked about in my previous Travel Diary that we had a long road trip with my family last year, we also went first to the hidden paradise in Zambonga del Norte. It was really a long road trip from Lanao del Norte to Pinan, Zamboanga del Norte, but it was all worth it to visit the rising famous Manuel Resort.

We depart from Lanao del Norte around 5:00 am so that we will arrived at the resort earlier, because we are only planning for a day adventure and no plans for sleeping at the resort overnight. I couldn’t imagine how far the location is but going there is worth the travel because of the amazing mountains and nature view along the road. It feels like home. When we arrived at the resort, the weather is not that nice it was raining but gosh! no one can stop us from enjoying the moment

Okay, First impression? "WOW" the entrance itself you will be amazed how colorful, how beautiful the place is, and you can't explain how could they build something awesome like this in a far away place. The staff are very kind and the service is very satisfying. There are some resorts in a rural area that the service is not that good, so before we arrived in this place i already expected that the service is not that amazing but i was wrong the staff really accommodate us. It was raining on that day,they quickly went to our van and give us an umbrella. How amazing is that? I do believe in a Hospitality industry no matter how amazing your place is if your service is very poor it's always not satisfying for me.

Manuel Resort is a wide resort, so me and my sister roam around the resort and i love it so much like i want to have a picture every corner on it. 

During this time, it was December, so most of their decorations, artifacts are Christmas symbols. So if you are going there on the month of February their theme is going to be Valentines Day, same with Halloween and other holiday seasons. 

The resort also has a lot to offer not only an amazing view and garden with pool. Also they have activities like wall climbing, Kayaking in their mini Lagoon and many more.

For kids who loves to run around and tired of swimming they also have a playground for young ones that they will totally enjoy.

There are actually three swimming pools in this resort, and they have one swimming pool that is very friendly for kids.

Manuel Resort is worth visiting, you will not totally get bored. They do have entrance fee for Adult is PhP 150.00 and for kids it's PhP 120.00. They also have rooms if you want to stay for a couple of days, you can contact them at their Facebook Page click HERE , or call them at +639189931094 . 

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