Travel Diary: Rizal and Lights

Last December 2015, my family decided to have a long road trip around Zamboanga del Norte going to Misamis Occidental. It was really that long, and it’s worth it. It was also a great moment because we had that trip during “Rizal Day”. Isn’t it great? So, we also decided to visit the place of Rizal in Dapitan City. Actually it was my second time but the latest one is a kind of special because I was with my family.I really did have a very big family and I'm proud of it. 

A short recap, for my foreign readers out there you might get confused who am I talking about. So Dr. Jose P. Rizal is the National Hero in Philippines. He has a very long historical story so I will not get into details because you might get bored. Dapitan City, is the place where Rizal stayed when he was exiled in Manila, most of his life story was marked in Dapitan City. And it was totally great to visit his place to honor his heroism on that day. 

So before going to the exact location of Rizal's place, i saw this amazing monument with a lot to tell. But unfortunately my tour guide which is my sister also don't have any clue what it represents. So if you knew anything about these amazing piece please comment below, i will totally appreciate it. We also made a stop to the famous Dipolog City Boulevard, and the fresh air and the sea breeze is very relaxing. And take note! the place is totally clean, i am amazed how they keep the boulevard clean.

I love my family, from my father's side to my mom's. And I'm so grateful that my family are the adventurous kind, they always makes time to travel and explore. And now you know where i got my energy when i traveled a lot and explore places.

 Seeing the monument of Dr. Jose P Rizal, seriously? I am thankful that i was born on the 90's, life way back before it is totally hard and difficult because of the war, conflicts and other countries wants to take over the Philippines. But still very thankful that there are Filipinos before like Rizal who fought for freedom no matter what it cause them even to sacrifice their own life just to give a better life for the future generation, that's why they are honored as heroes. I have a huge respect to those people who sacrifice a lot just to give a better life for their love ones. 

My sister said these is the utensils that the wife of Rizal used for cooking. It is only a replica to the original, if you're asking me where is the original? it is inside the museum for safe keeping. 

The picture above is the only wooden piece of Rizal's house that is original everything are only a replica. The reason? is that because of the years and decades passed by the house became old and destroyed also due to natural cause. I have short video below showing around the place so please watch it.

After roaming around the Rizal Shrine we continued our road trip going to the famous Lights of Tangub City in Misamis Occidental. 

 Tangub City is known every December on its magnificent and I can say World Class Lights. I've already heard about this amazing Tangub before but i haven't had the chance to visit the place due to so many reasons in the world. But luckily last year with my family we really went there and witnessed how amazing their lights are. Last year 2015, i actually don't know what is there theme but obviously as what I've seen it's about representing top countries in the world. I've seen a replica of Hollywood, Disneyland and many more.  

 The people behind this incredible Arts are very talented i can say on how they put together to make a wonderful piece of Art.  

And surely I'm gonna be visiting Tangub City Lights this year soon because i've heard that its gonna be more amazing because it's their 25th year of the Christmas Symbols Festival.And I'm looking forward on it. 

And that's it, that was my long road trip last year when i was having a short vacation in Philippines. Hoping that this year more road trips soon in Philippines my beautiful country. What do you think about this trip? Please comment below or if you know a place in Philippines that is good for road trip? please comment below and i'll be happy to read and response with you guys. 

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