Travel Diary: Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

Aside from family reunions, I also met my friends when I came home last year in the Philippines, it’s actually a tradition for me to meet my friends even though a short period of time because obviously I missed them and they are also a part of my life. I’ve been planning this reunion for a very long time and it keeps on changing for so many reasons. But at the end of the day we actually had a great and amazing reunion of my best buddies. We went to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort. 

It was actually not the first option I had, but we decided instantly on that moment to go to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort. Because we have some personal issues in our first option, nothing serious. That’s why we decided on that day and time to go to Ultra Winds Mountain Resort instead. Going there is not that easy, if you have a private car or vehicle maybe it’s easy and convenient but if you are going there just by a Taxi or any public Transportation, it’s gonna be hard. Because, according to the Taxi driver that we talked no vehicles will really go up to the resort because of the small road and it’s in the cliff. So we decided that we will just took a Taxi and took a motorbike going up to the Resort.

Going up to the Resort, I was totally amazed by the nature and mountains around it. It’s really refreshing to my mind and body to see a nature that has a lot of greens it calms me down in a stressful day. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort has a huge and wide place that has a golf course, hotel accommodation, restaurant and a lot of activities, our main reason why we went there is to try their Infinity pool. But before we headed to their pool and enjoy the water we kinda starving so we ate first in their Restaurant that has an amazing view of nature. 

After an amazing and yummy foods we headed to their Infinity pool. It was totally beautiful, it is in front of an amazing view of trees and mountains, it’s really an open infinity pool and it’s not that wide but it can accommodate guest and visitors. Their service at that time is kinda slow maybe because of so many visitors and few staff and the food must be taken at the restaurant which is very far from the pool.

Some of the photos are not that in good quality because we used a phone, I am too scared that my Camera will fall into the pool, and surely i will die. 

But me and my friends enjoyed our experienced at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort, we actually bonded and enjoyed our mini reunion. You can visit their website, just click HERE. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort is located in Cagayan de Oro City, and if you are going to swim in their infinity pool it will cost PhP 250.00 per person include the meals on their choices. And if you forgot to bring your swimwear they also have a rented swim wear, but if you are a kind of person who wants to wear Rashguard, just bring your own because they don’t have any rashguard. They are strict to swimming attires so be sure to bring a proper attire so it will not spoil your day. 


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