Feeling Girly Today

My style isn't a girly thing but sometimes I unconsciously wear dresses and skirt. My style is like a boyish and now I'm starting to embrace "EDGY" look. But sometimes I'm unaware that I do look so girly with all the skirts and dresses. Why is that?

Do you feel the same way like it's not actually your style but you keep on wearing it. I'm guilty of that! But actually it's kinda good to wear something that is out of the box. it makes you as a person "interesting, surprising and unique". Going out of your comfort zone makes you a better you, experiencing other things and adding it to your memories. It's a good thing right?

I've seen a lot of influencers that had been so fascinated to "Pleated Skirt". I've seen Gillian and Laureen's pleated skirt. But i would like to make it more simple and fresh and wearable to everyone in everyday situation. Pleated skirt is fun to wear because of its pleated dimension you can pair it with any kind of tops as long as it doesn't contrast the color of the skirt or you can do color blocking. You can also pair it with heels or flats.

So what do you think how I styled my own Pleated Skirt? Just comment below and I love to hear it from you. 


White-off Sweater from Lady Brenn
Pleated Skirt from a Thrift Store
Yellow Pumps from Foot In

Photograph by Gen Barber
Edited by yours truly

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