Happy Labor Day

Since, I was a kid I always dream of working out of the country, working a nice job or in a hotel. But the road to this dream was not that easy, well I’ve change my plans but I ended into my dream when I was a kid. I’m not complaining here, I am just thankful. Since, it’s Labor Day last week, I wanted to make a difference in my post today.

I’ve always been inspired to those people who work hard for their love ones or for themselves at a young age. I couldn’t forget the first person that inspired me a lot to dream big and aim high and nothing is impossible if you know where you are heading, and that person is my professor in Housekeeping when I was in College days. He shared his experience to us, how he have his own spa at a very young age like 20’s. He is not rich, but he do his best to get his dream Spa business. Isn’t it incredible? So starting on that moment I always picture myself working in a 5 star hotel outside country.

I was not the good person way back in my college days, I could say I had the best life in college. So, everyone was expecting that I ended up nothing when I graduated, but they were all wrong even though I’m a spoiled brat before I know where I’m heading to my dreams.

And now here I am in a beautiful country of Thailand working in a 5 star hotel with a nice environment, nice people and nice position, I’m not saying my job is perfect though sometimes I’m stressed and feels like giving up, but for the first time in history I couldn’t give up because I'm happy on where I am right now. 

So never stop believing and dreaming because all your hard work will pay-off soon enough, you’ll just be surprise. And don’t forget to keep your heads down and feet on the ground, because no matter how high you are now if you’re too arrogant on what you achieved believe me, you’ll get down in your own.

 Black Blazer was Tailored
Lace sleeveless from a Thrift Shop
Pants from F&F Clothing
Lace Black Pumps from Lazada.TH


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