Travel Diary: Cartoon Network Amazone

Before Summer ends I want to make sure that at least 2 of my summer goals in my bucket list were achieved. So, me and my partner decided to go the famous “CARTOON NETWORK AMAZONE” claimed to be the first Cartoon Network Waterpark in Thailand. Well, who isn’t excited about it? I’m a huge fan of Cartoons, and I can say 80% of Cartoons, I already watched.

Cartoon Network Amazone is located at Na-Jomtien Road going to Sattahip, going there I think is not difficult since it’s only along the road, you can take public transportation or hire a car or taxi. We arrived at the place around 1:00 PM it’s a 30 minutes’ drive from our condo. When we arrived at the park, I’m so eager and excited to go inside. 

The ticket price differs from nationalities, I mean if you are Thai or a Residents in Thailand you’ll get 1,290 THB for Adult and 990 THB for 12 years old and below. In order to prove that you are residing in Thailand you should show your work permit to the ticketing officer. But if you are a foreigner and a tourist you’ll get an admission of 1,590 THB and 1,290 THB for 12 years old and below.

After paying the admission ticket you will be given a wrist band, it’s so cute you’ll just going to scan it in the entrance so you can go inside. It’s a waterproof wristband so you can wear it while you are swimming.

Okay, let’s talk about my expectation; I only expected one thing that wasn’t met during my visit at the Cartoon Network Amazone. I was expecting that the Amazone is so big and wide that it will take a half day to roam around the area. But it wasn’t, the place is not that big neither small. But the place has an amazing huge slides and there’s a lot to enjoy and try. 

I don’t have much photos during my visit at the Water Park, due to so much enjoyment and fun I’m lazy to take pictures and the other thing is that my camera is not a water proof I’m too scared to get my camera wet, next time I’ll buy those water proof gadgets. Hehehe!!

I also did try the surfing activity in the park, it was my first. I am so confident but sadly to say I can’t balance LOL, at least I tried. 

There are free beach chair along the pools, but the Cabana is for rent. There are also some Cartoon Network Characters who roam around the area, sometimes they are performing. And luckily I had a picture with my favorite Cartoon Character OMG!!! Gumball and Darwin. I always watched their Series at Cartoon Network. 

All in all, I did enjoy my visits at Cartoon Network Amazone, and by the way I would like to thank Purlibikini for saving my day. I honestly don’t like to wear a one piece or two piece in a swimming pool. I don’t own any rashguard, and I’m so stressed because I couldn’t find any that suits my style and budget. Until I discover Purlibikini and luckily they have a shop in Pattaya, Thailand where I live. 

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Rash-guard by Purlibikini


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