Drugstore Make-up Haul

You can’t see me outside without make-up or even just a lipstick and eyeliner. The reason is I look like I cried for the whole night if I don’t have an eyeliner on. If you are a kind of girl who loves make-up so much you need to read this until the end, and I mean it. I don’t have a bunch of money to buy those high-end make-ups so I always buy drugstore make-up. But hey! don’t be discourage with Drugstore make-up because they are the best and the best.

When you say Drugstore make-up these are make ups that can be bought in drugstore and groceries and they are not that expensive, and I mean I can buy all the things I want in the drugstore. For the first Wednesday of the month I am pleased to share with you all my Drugstore Make-up Haul for the past months that I’ve been addicted to and currently loving and they are the best.

1.  L’Oreal Lucent Magique BB Cushion

I am on the hunt of the best drugstore foundation and I can’t find anything that makes my skin comfortable and settles until I discover L’Oreal BB Cushion. What I love about this BB Cushion is that, it’s not messy and the cushion is so soft and firm and it doesn’t crack unlike the make-up sponge that will crack in the long run. When applied to my face I don’t see any cracks and it looks like natural to my skin. And I love how it compliments with my real skin tone. My L’Oreal BB Cushion is in the shade of N3.

2. Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One BB stick

 For highlight and concealer, I always been using Maybelline Clear Smooth BB stick for 2 years I think. I love this product when I highlight some features in my face or do some concealing under my bags. It’s not sticky, I don’t usually use sticky products because it will make my face very oily since I usually under the sun. It is easy to blend in to my face and I love the packaging that it is not that messy. My Maybelline Clear Smooth BB stick is in the tone of Natural.

3. Maybelline Hyper matte Liquid eyeliner

As what I’ve said a while ago that I’m an eyeliner gal, I’ve been using this Maybelline Liquid eyeliner for 2 years now, yeah! I’m devoted it’s just that it completes me. Aha! And I’ve never seen other eyeliner that works best than my Maybelline liquid eyeliner. The color black is so deep and the brush is so thin and fine that I can sculpt my eyelids.

4.  Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush-on

I need some blush especially in my work, I need to always look fresh. And this amazing Maybelline Cheeky Glow blush is making me look alive in a stressful day. It stays in my face for a very long hours so I don’t need to re-apply every hour. Also just a small sweep of my brush I already look good. So in short I don’t need to buy every month of a new blush.

5. Maybelline Velvet Matte by Color Sensational lipstick

And for the Drugstore Make-up haul I have and currently on the top of all my favorites is my new Lip color from Maybelline. It’s the dupe color ever inspired by Kylie Jenner Lip kit. It’s actually so expensive to buy her lip kit, but there are drugstore lipstick that are very close to her Lip colors. And I’m so happy to share with you guys the Maybelline Velvet Matte by Color Sensational in the shade of MAT 12. The color is almost the same on what Kylie Jenner usually wore. And what I love about this lippie is that it’s matte and the color is so calm and fresh.

6. Gino Mcgray Lip liner

And add-on to my Haul is my lip liner from Beauty Buffet of Gino Mcgray collection in the tone of No. 01. It’s not a drugstore make-up, I actually been looking for Drugstore lip liner but I can’t find any. But luckily one of my favorite make-up brands in Thailand have a lip liner on what I really wanted. The color is amazing it blends with my amazing lipstick and it is not sticky that will mess around my lip. And at the end of the lip liner, it has a fine thin brush for lipstick color.

And that were all my Make-up Drugstore Products, and they are all in a budget so no need to worry about luxurious make-ups though you can still buy those high-end make-ups. I also try to do a make-up inspired by Kylie Jenner. What do you think about it? What is your favorite Drugstore Make-up products.


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