The Apple of my Eyes

Since the summer has been started, my eyes were always been fascinated with romper, i don't know why, but they look so sexy and beautiful. Rompers has different kinds of styles from off-shoulder to singlets with fringe and etc. So i can't help myself to have my own. 

It's not so easy for me to find for a perfect Romper that is within my budget, let's be real here I ain't  millionaire girl i work my ass off to buy things i love. But i always make sure i haven't lost my taste in style. And finally, I found this lovely Romper in H&M, and it was like a love at first sight.It's seductive but unique.

I love the colors, Yes, i'm not a fan of "RED" but it's not red i think it's a Maroon color, I'm I a color blind? LOL!!! but one thing I'm sure it's not red. And the most favorite part of the romper is the patterns, they are so amazing.

This is the last week of April, time flies so fast and I can’t believe it that some of my Summer Goals was achieved, that’s why never stop believing and all your dreams will come true. Like my new found love Romper, I’ve been searching and believing that I’ll find a perfect romper, and I do. Happy APRIL everyone!! 

Jumpsuit from H&M TH
Ballerina from Zalora TH


You can buy the same look by clicking the picture for a direct link.


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