Warming Up

In my previous post with my previous Travel Diary , I did share with you loves my amazing trip at the 3 islands in Pattaya that is amazingly beautiful. While on the beach I wore my new favorite maillots that I’ve loved recently. Maillots are my wear to go when I don’t feel fit and sexy especially with my baby fats around in my belly, LOL! 

Weeks before we went in our island trips. I'm already in the mood of searching for a perfect maillots that suites my taste of the month, i want something white with black prints, and really wrap around my waist with a sexy back and luckily I find one. 

If you are not confident enough with your belly like me, try to wear Maillots, they are the best solutions for baby fats or you skipped you're gym. I'm actually lazy to do some exercise in the gym, i started for three days and then i stopped.

How about you? What kind of swimwear you like to wearin the beach?


You can actually buy the same Maillots at eightmermaid visit the link HERE

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