Travel Diary: 3 Islands in 1 Day

April is the start of my summer goals, and I really want to make sure that my Summer will be the best of this year, since last year I didn't enjoy much. This April 2016, me and my blogger bestie Katrina, was planning for an island trip to spend time to relax and enjoy the purest and beautiful beach. But we couldn’t find any that suits our concerns. Until we discover the 3 islands hoping in Pattaya in one day. 

It’s actually good for me because I don’t have any luxurious time to spend on vacation because I’m working in a hotel; you know working in a hotel you’re not allowed to take a leave if it’s high season. But it’s still a great opportunity for me to travel to these lovely 3 islands in one day. In partnership with SCT Tours and Serenity Yacht Pattaya, my first summer goal was achieved with my travel and blogger bestie.

We arrived in our meeting place at Central Festival Mall around 8:30 AM and we are picked up by a minivan going to Marina Ocean YachtClub. But before we went to Marina Ocean Yacht Club the minivan also picked-up other guest from other hotels, they are Chinese, Russians and German. About 20 minutes we arrived at the Marina Ocean Yacht Club.

The feeling? OMG! I feel like I’m an important person because it’s my first time to take a day cruise in a Catamaran. The docking place is so beautiful and clean and there are so many yachts and of course it’s my first so I’m kinda excited to get inside and feel the moment.

The Thai Staff who took good care of us inside the Catamaran are very kind and accommodating, at first I think they are unapproachable because their voices are very loud and when they speak it looks like they are angry, but luckily it’s not it’s just their tone. They are very accommodating and entertaining, they make sure that guest feel comfortable and that we enjoyed our day cruise

The first island we went is the island of Koh Phai. The island is actually under the care of Thai navy, but there is a part of the island that they let the guest and tourist swim for a day. Overnight stay is prohibited on this area. We are told that it will took 1 hour to reach the first island so they told us to enjoy first the air and feel relax. But honestly, I don’t feel relax at all it’s not that it’s their fault. It’s actually on my part; I feel nauseous and dizzy because I haven’t ate my breakfast before we went on this trip. And the waves are very big and the Catamaran is really swaying while sailing and I feel sick of this kind of travel. You know what I mean? I’m sure you do! Inside the Catamaran is not over crowded and that’s a good thing.

We arrived at Koh Phai finally after an hour, the island is beautiful, I love the sand it’s so crystal, fine white sand. And the beach is not overcrowded in which what we are looking for. The water is so clear and totally beautiful. The only problem is that there not much of shade on this area, you can’t find any restaurants, toilets, vendors, beach bench or even umbrella. Koh Phai beach is purely a beach. During this moment it’s actually very hot, when I say hot, it’s totally hot. Luckily there are also some trees near the shore so we went there and rest. 

They only let us to explore the island for an hour. I feel so sad about it; because I wanted to stay more in that island it is so much beautiful. But I don’t have any choice, the whole day was already planned we still need to go to the other 2 islands. We are also given a Snorkeling mask for free, but once we lost it we will p
ay for it. My friend tried it, it’s actually her dream to do snorkeling but sadly it wasn’t a successful at all since the mouthpiece is very big for her and there’s nothing to see in the beach near the seashore I told her to go farther, but she wouldn’t. 

Serenity Yacht Pattaya, prepares a buffet lunch for us, and it is so delicious especially the grilled pork. I know you will say what’s in the grilled pork it's just a "grilled pork". I just love how they grilled it and it’s so tender. After we ate we travel again for an hour to reach the second island the Koh Rin island.

During this moment I feel calm within myself because I already eat much during the buffet lunch LOL and I didn’t felt any dizziness at all.

We arrived at Koh Rin and the island is so pretty, the same with Koh Phai there’s no restaurants, toilets, vendors, beach bench or even umbrella. It’s just a beautiful beach and sand and rocks. 

For the last island it took only 30 minutes to reach the Monkey Island. Before we book this trip I’m actually having doubts because of the Monkey Island. I’m scared of monkey, True!  It’s not that I have a phobia with monkeys I just don’t like when they are climbing in my body. But we still push this trip who knows I might get amuse by the monkeys.

We arrived at the Monkey Island and honestly there are so many of them, and I didn’t go near the seashore. I don’t care if I’m wet as long as I’m quite far from the sand.  Our tour guide brought some fruits to the island and feed the monkeys. It’s so funny when the monkeys washed first the fruits in the water before they eat it. Who taught that thing to them? As what I’ve expected they are climbing from one body to another. 

After watching and feeding the monkeys we headed back again to the Catamaran and sail back to the city. I enjoyed a lot when we sailed back to the city because the tour guide and the other guest including my friend dance like a Hawaiian girls with other guest from the other Catamaran while sailing back to the city.

In summary of my whole experience, I totally enjoyed and i feel satisfied by this trip but when you ask me what my favorite island is I can totally say that it’s Koh Phai. The island is totally amazing and a paradise.

If you are in Pattaya, Thailand and you want to try something more adventure than staying in only one beach or island try the Island Hopping with Serenity Yacht Club, I actually don’t know how to contact them because it’s my tour agency who arranged our day cruise with them. You can book and reserve a day island hopping in Pattaya by SCT Tour, you can contact them at 0956872722

Thank you so much SCT Tour and Serenity Yacht Club for this amazing day cruise. 


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