Under the Sun

Last year my Summer was not that totally cool, I haven’t spent some time to explore the beauty of summer, again for so many reasons in the universe. But this year 2016 I will make sure that my summer goals will make happen.

Sometimes girls like me worries a lot when Summer comes, mostly Summer is the time where you show your skins often. We tried to stress ourselves because we don’t have that perfect body or curves. Hey, love your own, did you know that “chubby” girls are the new sexy now? I’m totally not scared to show off my curves to everyone under the sun in a beautiful paradise, I may not have a perfect and drop dead gorgeous body but I have the confidence and style.

When you are in the beach don’t be scared to feel sexy and feel confident, wearing the right pair of clothes will totally rock you under the sun. For me, last week we went to a beautiful beach outside Pattaya, Thailand with my co-workmates, I wore a lace, fitted body sleeveless and the color is black. Sometimes, black gives illusion for bigger ladies to become slimmer. It’s about paring the right colors. I pair it with my denim polo and denim shorts. I am a denim girl, definitely!  And wearing my new fave sling purse, the “pineapple” purse. 

I’m actually looking for a purse that has a pineapple prints, but somehow luckily I found a better one,a shape of pineapple. How was that? It’s so cute and sassy.

In summary of my post today, don’t be scared or feel down about your size, cuz girl were all the same, we may not have the perfect body we do have an amazing style. 


How about you? what do you usually wear in the beach that boost your confident?

Lace Black Top from a Thrift Shop
Denim Shorts Pratunam Bangkok
Denim Polo Thrift Shop
Pineapple Sling Purse from F&F TH

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