Let The Summer Be In your Favor

Hey all! It’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything in my blog and I’m so guilty with that it’s just so crazy right now to balance my day job and my passion. However, I’m so ready to share with you loves my blog posts for the month of summer. Yes!, you read it right it’s Summer baby!

I'm always looking forward for this season though it’s always summer in Thailand, but April is so much fun and exciting. So many ideas and things to do under the sun with the people you care the most. So, for the first blog post of April, I would like to share with you my Top 5 things to do in Summer that surely be a memorable one.

1.  Roadtrip

You can never go wrong to have a road trip with your family, partner or friends. Go to places which you've never been and explore the beauty along the roads. It is so much fun to do some road trips, loud music and feel the breezy air. Who doesn't want that?

2.  Relaxing by the beach

When you say summer it always comes with beach, and waters. From the busy life and busy streets we really need that time to relax and breath. Summer is the perfect time to make excuses from the busy days, this April I will make sure that I will have my dream beach vacation with my love ones here in Thailand. So, follow me in my Instagram (click HERE) so you’ll know where I am and beach’n around.

3.  Invite yourself to play sports

Encourage yourself to join fun activities or sports in your area, or invite your friends to play a certain sports. For me, this summer I will try to be involve in bowling. Yes, you read it right it’s actually my dream to play bowling but for so many plans with friends nothing of it is happening yet. But this month? I will make sure that I will carry and sway those bowling balls.

4. Trekking and camping

Don’t forget to be thankful of all the things that surrounds you, I mean be thankful that the earth is still breathing and giving all the basic needs we need for survival. Being close to nature is one way to release the negative energy that we carry for a long time and to relax and inhale those fresh air.

5. . Be Happy and think positive

Stress is all around, if things got complicated always think positive and always think that you can survive. Make your summer be a memorable one. Even though your work is 24/7 there’s always a way to spend your summer fun. For me, I work in a hotel and I only have one day-off per week, and I always make sure that one day, will be my summer fun.

So, that’s are all my Top 5 things to do for summer, it’s not that expensive nor luxurious you just have to be creative and be wise in life. How about you? What’s your plan for this summer?

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