Layering and Me

Layering clothes is actually my signature when i was in High school and College days. But i do admit that layering clothes way back then is totally a weird one for me. Sometimes my friends are confused on what i really want to express with my style. LOL!Then recently i had a chat with a friend of mine and she reminded me how i love to layer clothes before, and i felt so embarrassed with myself.  "HAHAHAHAHA"! But years and days passed by i learned my lessons, and my style for layering was changed unconsciously, it went better than before.

So, for this Monday OOTD blog post i want to show you loves what i meant by "change" in my style of layering. But this time i know how to pair the right clothes and the right layering hues. I'm so proud to introduce myself as the newest and coolest fashionista in town. what do you think about it? Layering clothes should be fun and remember to always consider comfort before style. I'm happy to share with you my tips and tricks in layering clothes.

1. Keep the underneath clothe fit or hug-gable to your body so that you will not look heavy or bulky when you layer your other clothes.

2. Play with the texture, like different kinds of silhouette this is to make your outfit interesting and not boring. Also to avoid bulky look.

3. Always consider the weather, when it's summer try to avoid bulky scarf and wear lightweight or sheer top for your underneath. If it's winter or the weather is cold try to wear basic top and layer it with cardigan or sweater and add some bulky scarf. Just play with it.

  4. Avoid using so many colors when you are layering because you will look like a clown or crayons. When you choose to go dark, use dark colors when you try to go neutral use neutral and calm colors. 

5. Never be afraid to layer clothes, because it's a way expressing our love in fashion.

What do you think about my layering style? I choose to layer my Oversize polo that i currently love with a skirt, keeping the hemline of my polo to be seen at the bottom of the skirt. 

Oversize Polo from a Boutique
Fringe Skirt from Zalora TH
Sandal from Zalora TH
Blue Mirror Aviator from a Boutique


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