Travel Diary: Ventiane, Laos

How was your February loves? Me, I am so busy making all the schedules and task done. I suddenly missed my week vacation in Laos, were it is so simple and quite and you just walk around the city and lay down in bed. I would love to share with you my travel diary when i was in Laos.

I went to Laos last week of January for a business and leisure purpose but actually it is more on leisure and a little bit of business matter. What can i say i love to travel and have fun, so anyways during my stay in Laos i really do had a great time. Most of the time i am resting in my hotel room and exploring the beautiful city. 

Laos is such alike in Thailand were there are so many temples and they are very traditional, they also do preserved their cultures and share to everyone. There so much to see in Laos, but i stayed only at Ventiane, Laos, because my other business purpose there is in Ventiane. The first tourist spot that i visit in Ventiane, Laos is there famous "Patuxai" or the Victory Monument.

Going inside the Patuxai you need to pay an entrance fee to get inside, it cost 3000 kip. I am totally amazed with the architectural design of the arc it's a mix of Laotian culture and Paris Architecture. According to the locals Patuxai was built as a sign of freedom from France.

They say you can't leave Laos without the picture with the famous gate.

Inside the gate, there are so many Laotians selling souvenirs and a lot more.

The next tourist spot that i did visit is the famous Golden Temple or the "Pha That Luang". I'm really curious about this place because of the name itself "golden". I just walk from Patuxai to Pha That Luang, i thought it's near but honestly? it's far but i think it's okay because the transportation in Laos is a bit expensive.

When we arrived at Pha That Luang, i was amazed how wide and peaceful the place is, i love their park and suddenly missed the parks in my province in Philippines.

When we went inside the Pa That Luang, it's really a golden temple, the temple was painted gold but i have no clue what was the paint made of. Anyways, I really love the blue sky reflecting on the golden temple. It was so magical.

Beside the Pha That Luang, is the sleeping Buddha. She is also covered with gold paint and it is really big and tall. The place is indeed very peaceful and i heard the birds tweeting, how cool is that?

At night, the famous place to go in Ventiane, Laos is the famous night market. Were locals and foreigners never missed a night to visit the busy streets before departing the wonderful city of Laos. The night market is beside the famous Mekong River, Mekong River is the division between Thailand and Laos. In night market there are so many thing to buy from clothes to shoes, to artifacts and jewelries and many more with a very affordable price.

So i actually visited the place, i love shopping especially if the price is within my budget.For my whole trip in Laos, I luckily make a video with it with my self. So, please loves watch it so you'll know how amazing the city is.

What do you think of my adventure in Ventiane, Laos? And i'm looking forward for my upcoming trip soon in Phuket, Thailand. So please follow me in Instagram click HERE so you'll know my next #Anntravels 


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