I'm Officially in Youtube

This is it everyone, the long wait is here. (Drumroll please!!!!) Today I’m going to announce with you loves that I’m officially in Youtube. Yayyy!!!!!!!!!. This is actually a dream come true for me.

I had been uploading videos in Youtube but it’s not that nice and I don’t mean that my videos now are so perfect. I’m still on the process of learning and practicing. Anyways, without any “blah blah blah” I would like you to introduce to my Youtube ChannelIt’s Beyond Imaginations. My videos is about everything I want to show with you loves from fashion to travel to DIY to beauty and review and anything else. So for my first official Youtube video is about my travel diary in Ho Chi Minh City, this is only the part one of the video. And if you want to see more photos about it you can click HERE. Please do watch my videos and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE and COMMENT, I will truly appreciate it loves if you do. 

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