The Other Side of Me

I can say that this post is a little bit different from my usual blog post, since I’m just going to share with you loves the other Version of “Ann”. 

Yes! You read it right, some of you when you saw my pictures I look like a strict and serious person but honestly I am a shy type person but so annoying when it comes to my close friends. I’m actually shy when I met new people I don’t talk much, but with my friends that I’ve been hanging out for a long time I can’t stop my mouth to talk and sometimes they said I’m weird. LOL

3 days from now I’m going to celebrate my Natal Day. Oh em geeeee!! I can’t believe it that I’m already 26 years old it feels like I’m only 23, LOL. Anyways, this year there’s a lot to be thankful of, from career to relationships to good life though sometimes I also have my down moment but I never stop hoping. 

I also love to dance, I can say I have the moves but no one knows that I can dance, maybe just 5 persons knew it. I am a day dreamer, I like to imagine things that is going to happen in me in the near future, but hey! Some of my day dreams came true. I think I am a fortune teller of myself. I love to drink and party when I was in the Philippines, and everybody knows that. When I started working here in Thailand no parties at all. 

And that were some of the weirdest things you might not expect from me. You can ask me so many questions loves just comment below, and I will be happy to answer it all for you. And watch out for my next blog post this September 28, 2016 as I have a big announcement for you loves. Giggle***

Sleeveless from SM PH
Plaited Skirt from a boutique
White Shoes from F&F TH


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