Lookbook for Lazy Days

Hi loves! How’s everyone? Do you experience the feeling of laziness? I bit you do. The feeling that you don’t feel like working or even go to school. You just want to lie down in the bed and cuddle your pillows. I’m actually feeling that right now. Lazy days sometimes affects my outfits, I just want to wear shorts and shirts and I’m done. 

For this day, I would like to share with you loves what I normally wear on my lazy days, this is so simple and no brainier. Maybe because it takes me hours to decide when I feel like dressing up. When I go to work and I feel so lazy to work I just wear something easily to put on.

Shirt and Shorts

There is no doubt that I love to wear shorts, any kind of shorts. When I feel like time is running out and I’m not yet ready to go to work and I can’t think anymore what to wear, shorts and shirt is my savior. I just layered it with my khaki Cardigan and white shoes. No brainier isn’t it? So Lazy!!!!! 

Boyfriend Shirt and Denim

One of the shirt I love to wear is my boyfriend’s shirt, I always borrow his shirt and sometimes he doesn’t know I wore his shirt LOL. Now he knows if he is reading this “sareeeeeeeee” hehe. Anyways what’s with Men’s shirt? Well, definitely they are so comfortable to wear, like the air is just passing through my skin. Did you get what I mean? Anyways for this lazy type outfit I paired it with my denim blue Pedal Pants and a black strap slipper. That’s it just put it on and I’m ready to go.

Sexy Nude

They are also some times that I am lazy but I still want to look sexy without any efforts to put on, so basically I just wear my nude blouse and denim shorts with black wedge. Nude colors makes an illusion of sexiness and wedge create the idea of long legs. See? Effortless!!

And that were all my Lookbook outfits for lazy days, what do you think? So easy right? Not much effort and no brainier. How about you? What’s your favorite look when you feel lazy? Share it with me and I’ll be happy to read it loves. By the way soon I will introduce to you loves my newest project or I will say passion. Can’t wait to connect with you loves. Xoxo!

Shirt and Shorts
Basic White Shirt from H&M TH
White shorts from F&F TH
White Shoes from F&F TH
Khaki Cover-up from a boutique shop

Boyfriend Shirt and Denim
Boyfriend's Shirt from F&F TH
Denim Pedal Pants from a boutique shop
Black Flats from F&F TH

Sexy Nude
Nude blouse and denim shorts from a boutique shop
Black Wedge F&F TH


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