Birthday Goals to a Happy Me!

As you can see in my title, obviously I’m going to talk about things related to my birthday, because it’s my birthday month. Yayyyyyyy!!! I honestly forgot sometimes how old I am, but my friends and family keep reminding me my age (good people!) LOL! But I don’t feel old, the pressure to get married and settle down. In my own perception 20s is the beginning where you need to explore life, so settle down, getting married is not in my bucket list as of now. Anyways! I want to share with you loves my goals to my next chapter in life, also to inspire you with my perception in life.

People think that when you reach at 25 you need to get married and settle down, but for me? It’s not about the numbers it’s about your confidence. Are you really, really sure? That you are confident enough to settle down, to keep aside your dreams and take bigger responsibility as a wife or husband perhaps. Make assessment with yourself first before you jump to a decision that you will regret at the end. I’m not scaring brides to be out there! LOL! I just want you guyz to feel confident with your own selves and not to be pressured by the people surrounding you. Well! I’m not talking about married life here, It’s my birthday month I am going to share with you loves my Top 5 GOALS before I will proceed to the next chapter of my life.

1. Travel more
It’s actually in my number one list, if you subscribe in my YouTube channel loves, you know already that I love to travel wherever, whenever and whatever, either domestics or international. Being to explore places that you only see in pictures or videos or heard about it is such an achievement for me. To explore the world and see the wonders of it is a fulfilling goal. When I was a kid, I only imagine that I will be able to go outside Philippines, but now? Here I am in Thailand, I already explored Vietnam, Laos and Singapore and looking forward for more travel adventure. If you would like to know loves how do I achieve my goal to travel, please do comment down below, so I can make a blog post with it. By the way! I am not rich, so all the travel that I made, I spent it with my own pocket.

2.Start my own small business
If you ask what business will I will be doing? OMG! I have a lot of ideas inside of my head, and I don’t know what to start. I have so many business to achieve, but the problem is the capital. LOL! Anyways in my next chapter of life I will make sure that Ann’s clothing line is going to be open. I already planned my designs, how to sell, marketing and etc. Hopefully next year January 2018 it’s already open for business. #crossfinger

3. Save Money for Future savings
When it comes to being successful at a young age, I always admire Kylie Jenner. She started her cosmetic business and build an empire at age of 19 (I’m not quite sure with age, but I know for sure at a very young age). Well, Kylie Jenner has a mom who can support her dream when it comes to financial and emotional support. But at that age? It’s quite inspiring though. As of all 19 years old I know of, even when I was 19? I just go around the city, partying, shopping and just doing nothing special for my future. But Kylie Jenner? She started her business and make it work. How I wish when I was 19? I already started doing my business even in a small way. But hey! It’s not too late for me. Next year? January 2018 Ann’s clothing line is open for business.

4. To be a member of CDO bloggers or Blogsquad of @rigelThomas
I always envy those rising bloggers and vloggers in my home town Cagayan de Oro City, because they get the chance to enjoy their passion and explore. They are like a family because they have this non-organization for bloggers and vloggers in CDO. I always wanted to join and to be recognize that I exist LOL! and enjoy the moments with the people who share the same passion with me. Are you getting me? It’s a struggle to be a blogger in a different country especially when you are building your empire. Hopefully! In my next chapter of life, I get to meet those CDO bloggers and the blogsquad of Rigel Thomas and just hang out and have fun.

5. To work more with brands all over the world.
Blogging is my passion, but working with brands in any part of the world is a sign of achievement or a fulfilling feeling that somehow, someway a brand recognize your work as a blogger or vlogger. In this modern society, thousands or millions of media influencers are rising nowadays and I need to prove myself that I have what it takes, and it’s a total blessing when a brand emails me and wants to work with me. This past few months, it’s such a blessing that I received a lot of emails from brands in different country who wants to work with me and I hope that in my next chapter of my life there’s a lot more brands to recognize my passion, talent and work as a blogger and vlogger. Yayyyyyyy!!!! ***wink*** 

And that were my personal goals for my next chapter in life. As we all know life is too short so we must live life to the fullest. And I will also pray for our dear fellow vloggers Will Dasovich for his fast recovery. Dreamers! please do achieve your dream, do not let your self just stuck around because you are scared of what will happen if you leave your comfort zone. Dreams and goals will not fall into your back yard, you must chase them. 

Raffled top from Thrift store
Faux leather from Bangkok Platinum
Lace pumps from Lazada TH
Sunnies, earrings and bracelet from Boutique 
Rose Gold Watch from Daniel Wellington

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