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When it comes to retro shoes or vintage style shoes and classic style I always have one person in mind, Blaire Waldorf. Do you know Blaire Waldorf? She is a famous character in a famous TV show Gossip girl. If you love fashion, romance, controversy you should watch Gossip Girl. I’m not writing to promote Gossip Girls loves, LOL! I’m just sharing you that Vintage style nowadays is really on trend and Vintage shoes is a big part of it. So let me share with you loves some top vintage style outfits of Blaire Waldorf and her Vintage style shoes.

FSJ shoe time

Before I will share you some vintage outfit inspirations, I would like to introduce you loves where to buy those classic, vintage style and trendy shoes.  Vintage shoes from FSJshoes, FSJ means “Funny she jil” it was established on 1998, FSJ shoes insists on the quality and upholds the excellent high standard of crafts. By the way they ship in US and internationally so all my Asian readers out there or non-US readers you can totally enjoy shopping on their website, just click HERE

Now let me share with you my top 5 vintage style outfits from Blaire Waldorf including the vintage shoes that I found similar from hers to FSJ shoes, also I will provide the link so you can directly check it out and shop. 

Women's White Round Toe Vintage-RetroComfortable Flats

Women's Orange Commuting Stiletto Heels PumpsShoes

Are you inspired now with the Vintage shoes with a classic and vintage style? Or are you now inspired to check out FSJ shoes website. If you do? Let me know guyz by commenting below. As what every episode of Gossip Girl ends. “Xoxo! Gossip girl”

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