How to Look Cool in Black in the Office

Is my title right? LOL! I honestly don’t know what would be the title of this blog for today, but I’m really sure that I’m going to share with you loves how to wear a black outfit in the office that does not make you look like boring but COOL!. Are you getting my title now?

Black is the major color in a corporate world. Am I right? You can see a lot of business man and women, office staff wear black coat, black skirt or black pants. Do it like a boss! LOL! But sometimes it’s not cool anymore, what I meant by “not cool” is BORING! Let’s admit it when I see a lady in all black, clean, kept bun hair and wear clear sunny, I imagine that she is a very strong and strict person. I imagine my strict teacher though! But when your office really implement black is the new uniform? What can you do? But to follow. Follow or quit?! That is your option fellas. But worry no more because I am here to save your day on how to wear black and still look cool. ***wink..wink***

1. Wear Make-up

If your outfit is all black then beat with your gorgeous face. They say that the eyes is the window to your soul, but your face is the first thing that other people see. Let’s be real here! If you are going to office even though you wear all black, always make sure to have a presentable face, full make-up is not necessary just put on some bright and alive colors to your face. And when you open the door, I swear people will keep staring at you because you are something girl!!!!

2. Mix and match

If it’s okay to wear not all black in the office, then experiment. Like layer your black long sleeve with a white blazer, or wear an off brown pants. But never contradict the colors to your black, because if you do? You don’t look formal anymore and it doesn’t fit the office environment. Try to mix and match the color nude, white, gray brown, and dark blue with the black

3. Wear your confidence

When you say confidence not the bad one fellas but the good confidence. Because if you are not confident enough wearing your black outfit then you’re not doing it right, if you want to be cool. Confidence is the key to everything. When you open that door with full of confidence, then you will look cool and unique from the others wearing black also

4. Smell Good

Black is black guyz there’s no emotions to tell when a person wear black unlike other colors, if you wear yellow I can say you are happy. But black? I don’t know, that’s why always make sure to smell good. What’s the connection between emotions and smell? Well! When you smell a person it means they feel good within themselves, because they take time to wear some perfumes or cologne or etc.. So, even though you wear all black always make sure that there something in you that makes you stand out from the others, and that’s your smell.

5. Choose unique style of black

If the office really require all black then choose the best style. Do not limit yourself with a simple black plain long sleeve. You can choose long sleeve with raffle design, or bell sleeve or button down black long sleeve with a touch of gold buttons. See? Black is not that all boring.

And that are all my top 5 tips on how to look cool, unique and stand-out from the others even though you’re wearing black uniform or black outfit in the office. Black is not boring at all to those people who loves wearing colorful or bright colors at work. Just use your imagination and don’t limit yourself but still follow the rules guyz. We don’t have to break the rules all the time, because there’s comes a time following rules will save your life. If you have any tips on how to look cool in black? Please do comment below and I will be happy to read it and if you have questions I will be happy to answer it. 

Ruffle long sleeve from F&F TH
Nude Pants from F&F TH
Black shoes from Lightwindshop

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