My Birthday Suit 2018 ft. Banggood

If you will ask me how young I am? I'm just still in my 20s. LOL! For real! Anyways, Wazzup Birthday Month, September. Time flies so fast, it was just I went home to the Philippines yesterday for Christmas, and now it's already the start of "ber" month? I never notice the passing of the time. As always, every Birthday month, I always have my thankful and goal speech for my previous chapter of myself and the next chapter. So, here it is! 

But before anything else, I would like to share with you loves my Birthday Suit for 2018. This year, I'm always fascinated in wearing sexy and edgy clothes. However, I don't have that body-licious figure, but it's not an excuse for me not to enjoy wearing what I want that looks good on me. This year, I noticed that the new colors popping out in stores are army green and orange. Waist bag is back on trend right now fellas, who have thought, in Philippines, rural area if you wear a waist bag, sometimes people around you will tease you. Waist bag is commonly used by the sellers in a market where they place their money. So, when a person saw you wearing a waist bag they will tease you about that. Don't be so affected when you experienced that one, because it's the new trend right now they just don't know. Aside from waist bag, beret cap is also "in" right now. I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing beret cap and it looks so amazing. 

Beret Cap from Banggood
Army green one piece swimwear (I decided to use it as a top) from Banggood
Black boots from H&M Th
Layered Gold Necklace from Banggood
Rose Gold Watch from Daniel Wellington
White Sunnies from Twenty_teen

Thankful of... ..

1. First, I am so thankful that I finally found the job that I'm comfortable to work, I have a nice colleagues and they pay me so well. In every job, that I worked with, I always end up working in that company for 1 year or less than a year nothing more. But here I am in my job still kicking it, and no plans yet to leave even thinking about it, nothing. 

2. I always share it with you loves, but I'm really thankful for the opportunity that I experienced to travel domestic and International. To experience new things, to see beautiful creations. Dreams do come true if you just believe in it.

3. I've experienced a lot of difficulties, especially with my relationship lately. But, I never give up and lose hope that everything's going to be alright just give it a try. Now, we are working on the flaws of our relationship with God in between and I am happy that we both survived our trials. 

4. I am grateful to myself that I am starting now to do exercise and eat right. I am honestly an unhealthy person, you might not see it, but there's no restrictions of food in me. I noticed that I'm starting to feel pain in my body and felt dizzy. So, I decided if not now when? I started to exercise and limit my foods and start to embrace step by step the world of vegetables. Cuz, as all of you don't know I don't eat vegetables. LOL!

5. Another member of the family will arrive in my life in 2 days from now. And I'm so excited because this is my passion, I will buy a DJI Spark Drone in 2 days from now. If you just can see my face right now on how excited I am.Goshhh! Hahahha!! This is my first Drone and I've done my research and decided to buy the DJI Spark because since I'm just a beginner. I do believe that my passion for Photography and Videography will take me places.

6. For my Blog, I am so thankful that for 4 years now you are still here loves reading my blog and being inspired of my stories and for the brands that I've worked with thank you so much for trusting Its Beyond Imaginations.

7. For my Youtube channel, I am always passionate to create new content and working hard on it. I am so grateful for my 300 subscribers, for always supporting and inspiring me more to create and improve. 

Goal for the new chapter of my life.

1. Next year, 2019 I will be travelling more often. I already planned my two International travels next year. I can't wait!

2. I will start to invest for a better me, consulting a Dermatologist once in a while. I planed to remove some Milia in my skin that I usually ignored and now it annoys me already.

3. I already have savings, but It's not that big, now that I already bought my basic equipments for Photography and Videography I will increase my savings every month and decided to get an SSS in the Philippines to assist me when I will get old. 

4. For my blog, I will continue to write more great content and informative content that will inspire you also.

5. For my Youtube channel, my goal is to reach 1,000 Subscribers before the 2018 ends. LOL! So please do support me guyz and Subscribe now, click HERE.

6. More collaborations hopefully, working with brands and other influencer makes my existence more sense. LOL! 

7. I will start now to make my passion for Photography as a business, to those who live in Thailand, looking for Photographer for pre-nuptials, shoot and etc. I'm available, you may contact me at

8. And lastly, to start crossing my bucket list and make it happen. You live once in this world loves, why not make the most of it.

And that's it loves! I hope I inspired you also to reach your goal, and if you have not, start making a list now on what's really your goal in life. Once you have achieved it, that feeling is so amazing, you accomplished something good in your life. But, don't forget to be thankful loves because you'll never reach your dream without the help from up above.

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