Tips in Buying your Perfect Swimwear ft. Banggood

Lately I am so amazed and inspired with Ashley Graham, she is a famous curvy or an over-sized model who inspired everyone that confidence is not about how perfect your physical body is, but confidence is with-in yourself. According to her "This confidence is not something that happens overnight. I have been working on it for a long time. I look in the mirror and do affirmations: 'you are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.' If my lower pooch is really popping out that day. I look at it and say, 'pooch, you are cute!"----Ashley Graham. I do believe on what she said, if you don't love yourselves, then who will love you? That's why wearing Swimwear takes a lot of confidence, it’s not an overnight realization and acceptance like what Ashley Graham said, it takes time to accept your own skin and body. So to make things short, let me help you loves on how to choose the right swimwear of your body type.  

In buying a swimwear, especially online, you need to consider a lot of things, like the style, the color, and the design. Does it look good on you? So many things to consider. If you will buy in a physical store, it's not quite hard to choose since you will try it on before buying it. Sometimes, physical store doesn't allow you to try it on, but at least you can see the fabric and the design on actual. But on online store, you will just rely on pictures and reviews. So, this is my tip to buy a right swimwear for your body type.   

1. Know your body shape 

We have 4 basic body shape and I'm sure you belong to one of these body shapes. We have the Triangle shape, which has a smaller shoulder, but wide hips; inverted Triangle shape, wider shoulder, but smaller hips; rectangle shape, which has no curve in the waist and the hour glass which has the perfect shape. My shape is an inverted triangle.

a. Triangle shape: choose a top swimwear that is off-shoulder or tube type, this is to make an illusion to widen your shoulder. For the bottom I highly recommend to wear a high waist bottom swimwear, this is to emphasize your waist since you have a big or wide hips.

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b. Inverted triangle: If you are a triangle shape and tube and off-shoulder is best for you, for Inverted triangle body shape, you must avoid this type of tops, since you already have a wide shoulder, off-shoulder or tube will just make your shoulder more wide. Try to wear halter or strings that you can tie at the back of your neck. This will make your shoulder smaller. For the bottoms, try to wear a swimwear that has flounce or low-waist bottom, this will make your hips wider. 

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c. Rectangle: this body shape is a bit difficult to find a perfect swimwear, however, I highly recommend to wear a one piece that has a cut out design at the side of the stomach or waist or a two piece swimwear that has strings design to wrap around your body this is to make an illusion of a curvy body.

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d. Hourglass shape: all swimwear is okay


a. Small boobs: wear a top swimwear with underwire, pads or tops that you need to tie in the middle. Like this top swimwear I got from Banggood, it makes my boobs look bigger, it works like a push-up bra. Avoid the tube top because it will just make your boobs flat. 

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b. Short in height: to make your legs longer, try to wear bottoms that has high cut in the side of your hips

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c. If are not slim, stripes with horizontal lines can make you slimmer. Also dark colors and black will make you slimmer. Like the swimwear I got from Banggood this dark red, it makes me slimmer. 

d. If you are too slim and wants to look curvy, you can opt for vertical stripes it will make your hips wider or bust wide. For colors, try lighter colors.

2. Measurement

I like buying swimwear online than buying in a physical store. The reason is that online swimwear is cheaper than a physical store. I can save it later and when I have the money, that's the time I will purchase it. The tricky part of buying online is the wrong measurement or sometimes the picture is not the same when the swimwear arrives. To get the perfect size when you measure your bust, waist and hip insert a two finger inside  the tape to give you an allowance and not too tight. 
And that was my tips and suggestions in choosing the right swimwear for your body type. Remember loves, no matter how expensive and beautiful your swimwear is, if you're not confident enough with your own body, then it's just a waste. How about you loves? What are your tips and suggestions for choosing the right swimwear?  

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