Travel Diary: Free Things to do in Pai and under 30 THB only

I requested a long vacation leave for August because I had a plan to travel to Bohol Philippines, but things change and I don't know where to go. Suddenly I saw the travel vlog of The NYC couple when they travel to Pai Thailand, and I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature and mountains so I booked my flight and headed to Pai. 

If you asked me where is Pai? Pai is a small town in northern Thailand's Mae Hong Son Province, near the Myanmar border, about 146 km (91 mi) northwest of Chiang Mai. It is known to be the home of backpackers. Getting there is quite far like really far if you are living in Pattaya like me. So, I booked my flight from U-tapao International Airport to Chiang Mai International Airport, we arrived around 7:40 AM. There is a bus outside Chiang Mai International Airport to drop you off to the main city for 20 THB/person, from the main city we took a public transportation "songtew" to the bus terminal for 30 THB/person. From the bus terminal, we took the van to Pai for 150 THB/person. By the way loves, the van to Pai is scheduled. Travel time from Chiang Mai to Pai is 3 hours to 3 and a half hours, expect dizziness if you are not used to land travel with so many curve roads, like literally curve road. We arrived in Pai around 1:00 PM, we rented a motorbike first for only 120 THB/day in the shop Nai Tu motorbike. Then we drive to our accommodation to Paitopia for 214 THB/night. 

I know you're here because of the Title "FREE THINGS TO DO IN PAI AND UNDER 30 THB ONLY", so here it is.

1. Pai Canyon

The moment we arrived in Pai, our main activity is to see the sunset in Pai Canyon, since everyone is recommending it. You can go to Pai canyon by your own rented motorbike or if you don't know how to drive a motorbike, you can join a sunset tour at Pai Canyon for 100 THB. There is no entrance fee in Pai Canyon, which everyone loves it. Pai Canyon is honestly beautiful, what you see in the picture is what really it is in person. The lush green of mountains, the valley is so deep, narrow with steep sides and you can see the entire Pai. It is so beautiful to just enjoy the moment and grab some drinks and watch the nature. Unfortunately, we did not witness the amazing sunset, because it suddenly rains until we realize from the local that August is a rainy season.  

2.Yun Lai Viewpoint

If Pai Canyon is the best view for sunset, Yun Lai viewpoint is the best view for sunrise, it is where you can see the sea of clouds during the sunrise. Unfortunately, we did not witness the sea of clouds and the sunrise because it rains again, and it stops around 7:00 AM. However, it did not stop us to visit the famous viewpoint, we still went there around 10:00 AM, it is an uphill road so be careful in driving, again if you don't know how to drive a motorbike there are tours everywhere in Pai ranging from 200- 500 THB. Yun Lai Viewpoint has an entrance fee of 20 THB, the place is so amazing, peaceful, fresh air, beautiful view of Pai with green mountains and nature. I totally honestly in love with the place, it is a nice place to just sit down and breath and relax and be grateful for everything. 

3.Chinese Village

Chinese Village is just nearby from Yun Lai viewpoint, you will pass it first when you go to the viewpoint. There is no entrance fee in the village, hurray! LOL!. There are archery activities, shops and lots of nice photo locations. It is also amazing to notice that the native houses in the village are made out of clay, cool!

4.Pai Land Split

The area is actually a farm, one day the owner of the farm woke up and found out that his land was split due to the earthquake and instead of worrying on what to do on his farm and land after a huge natural disaster, he turned it into a tourist attraction. The farmer was so kind enough not to impose an entrance fee to his farm, they just place a donation box at the entrance. What I love about the land split are the farmers, they are so welcoming, friendly and they really talk to you, give some refreshments to try and of course, they sell their own farm products like fruits but they did not stress you out to buy them. I also love the jungle vibes down the land split, so good for Instaphoto.

5.Pambok Waterfalls

Pambok Waterfalls is just straight ahead from Land split, there is also no entrance fee in this waterfall. The area is small but the waterfall is so high and huge, however, the water is not clear maybe because it is the rainy season during our visit.

6.Bamboo Bridge 

Bamboo bridge is also just a straight-ahead from Pambok Waterfalls, there is an entrance fee of 30 THB. According to my research, the bamboo bridge was built for locals to pass from one point to another which is the end part of the bamboo bridge. However, the tourist finds it amusing and locals turn it into tourist attraction. I grew up in the province of the Philippines where I always see rice fields, but never saw a long stretch of the bamboo bridge in the middle of rice fields. There is a coffee shop in the middle of the ricefield if you felt thirsty or hungry. Bamboo bridge is also a nice place to just sit down in the afternoon, drink your favorite smoothie and just enjoy the view of rice fields. Such a relaxing feeling!

7.White Budha

Once you arrived in Pai, the first thing you will see on the mountains from afar is the White Budha. It is so beautiful just by watching from the distance, where the White Budha pops-out from the lush green mountains. Going there, you can actually walk from the walking street of Pai going up to the White Budha, if you're into hiking, I saw a lot of tourist walks going up. But, if you are not a hiker, you can drive uphill to the entrance of White Budha. There is no entrance fee, but please be respectful enough to wear appropriate clothes, no sleeveless, no short shorts or skirts or dress, but if you happened to be there and forget to wear appropriate clothes there are "sarong" for rent in the entrance, for 20 - 30 THB. Expect very high and long stairs to the Budha itself, my only weakness in traveling is stairs and uphill walking, it is a challenge for me to climb up to the Budha as I am struggling to catch my breath, LOL! However, once you get to the top, the view is top-notch! The amazing beautiful Pai, and the huge white Budha. It is a holy place so be respectful enough for the noises. 

8.Mo Paeng Waterfall

If you are looking for a free bathing experience with natural pool, clear water and fun activity like slides, I highly recommend Mo Paeng Waterfalls. There is no entrance fee to this place, which kinda amazing because tourist are always here, and the place is so wide and huge. It is so nice to chill in here during noontime, bring your music and drinks with friends and enjoy the cold flowing water of the waterfalls, and if you are tough enough you can play in the rocky slides. Which unfortunately I did not do, I am scared of water activities. LOL! 

And that's it with you loves my Free things to do in Pai and under 30 THB only. I am so in love with Pai, to tell you honestly, the place showed me a new perspective in life, and tried to overcome some of my fears in life. Pai is a nice place to redeem yourself, to find your lost self and to just breath.


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