My Year 2019 and Who Am I?

2019 was a hell roller coaster ride for me, I've been through a lot like heart-aches, etc. but it doesn't stop me to live my life and enjoy the ride. So for you out there 2020 is a New year, new chapter in our life and its time to start doing and creating what you really love cuz honestly? we only live once and we cannot bring our wealth and possessions when we die, its the genuine happiness in our heart.

Let me share with you first loves Who Am I, people and some of my friends get confused sometimes on what I really do, why I always share in my social media about my blog and YouTube videos if I am a vlogger? Influencer? F.A.M.O.U.S ? Well, I don't label myself as a vlogger or influencer even a famous person. CUZ IM NOT. I am just an individual who loves to create and write stories base in my experienced and ideas, take photos of amazing beauty and capture videos for best moments, and share it with the world not to brag but to inspire. 

Check out the video below to find out more about me as a content creator and I also made a short video that summarizes all my adventures last 2019. 

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