Where to travel after COVID-19

This is a sensitive topic but as a content creator, I have to provide information, suggestions, and inspiration to my readers. Tourism will not be the same for 2021 or 2022 at least since there is no vaccination yet and the pandemic crisis all over the world is still at its peak. Let's be realistic here, 90% of the countries imposed strict travel restrictions when you arrived in their country, like the Philippines my home country once you arrive in the Philippines you have to be quarantined for 14 days in Manila, and if you plan to go to other provinces you have to do another 14 days quarantine in the province and get a lot of paperwork and testings. 

In Thailand where I am currently staying, it's almost the same in the Philippines travel restrictions, quarantined, paperwork, testings, and an insurance policy showing minimum coverage for coronavirus of not less than US$100,000, however, I am not quite sure if the required health insurance will be temporary or permanent. In Taiwan, it's also the same quarantined, paperwork, testings as well as Dubai. In Sri Lanka as of May 1, 2020, they closed arrival international flights starting from March 19, 2020, and until further announcement. Indonesia also made restrictions, as far as I understand all foreigners and travelers must get visa in the Indonesian Embassy before they will fly to Indonesia, I guess this includes Filipino citizen. And some travelers are denied to enter Indonesia if you have been traveling for the past 14 days for a specific country. To know more about these details you may check the links below:




So where we can travel after COVID-19? For our safety and safety of others, I highly suggest traveling in Domestic if it's safe. This is also a huge advantage for everyone, especially those individuals who made their living as a travel blogger, travel influencer, digital nomads, etc. because they have more time to explore and experience their own country and support the tourism as well when things get better. It's a win-win situation actually, for me since I'm currently residing in Thailand, maybe I will still travel but domestic. When things get better I'm planning to visit Krabi and Khao Sok National Park. 




So here are my tips before you book a flight for Domestic travel
  1. Check if the province or destination is safe to travel, like in Thailand, they closed all inbound and outbound flights in Phuket until further notice. So it's a waste of money if you did not check the status of travel restrictions of your destination before you booked a flight. 
  2. Be reminded that as a new normal, Airports and Airlines will set rules and restrictions as well when you fly to your destination. Like wearing a mask at all times including inside the aircraft, proper hygiene, one set apart, and some places you need to obtain a medical certificate or medical forms proving that you don't acquire any symptoms or sickness and many more. It will be a hassle, difficult situation in traveling to domestic places but let's just face the fact that as of now it's the new norm. 
  3. Before you travel to your chosen domestic destination make sure that tourist attractions are not close like beaches, parks, and hotels. To avoid inconvenience when you arrive.
  4. Avoid going to places that have a lot of people, like if you plan to go to an Island, it's best if you rent a motorbike or a private car and go to a less touristy place like less known beaches, viewpoints, etc. If you decide to venture into the mountains then choose an Airbnb that is not situated in a crowded area or experience camping. Just avoid crowded places, touristy places, and markets.
  5. Be responsible tourist, follow the guidelines and rules of the destination you will visit. To avoid any misfortunes, like penalty or imprisonment. 

And that's it loves my personal view where you can travel after COVID-19, it's a huge change for everyone, but nobody expected this to happen, as everyone did from the past when there was a pandemic extra measure is being implemented, restrictions are being imposed, and after a few years things get better and they all survived. If they did it in the past by following rules and guidelines then we can also do it today especially that we have the advantage of high-end technology. It's difficult I know especially if your livelihood is crashed, maybe this is the time to live simpler and cherish the life that we have, at the end of the day when things get better everyone will benefit. Stay safe loves.  

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