Shaping your own Body X Cosmolle

Let me tell you something when I think of shapewear the first thing that pops out in my head are the Kardashians. They have an amazing body shape, we can have that, but it takes time, patience, courage, and billions honey! Then I discover the best thing I can do to place my baby fats in place and boost my confidence is to wear this amazing shapewear by Cosmolle.

What is shapewear? It is an undergarment designed to temporarily alter the body while wearing the shapewear, to control your body and boost your confidence. I do own a high-waisted shaping short not to deceived someone's attention but to make my self feel confident and knowing that my body is in the right place where I wanted them to be. I love the positive vision of Cosmolle, they believed that you can "Shape Your Body, Your Way!". They also have different compression levels, it's so comforting to know that they always consider the comfort of the customer from smooth to extra firm, whatever the customer is comfortable with. Cosmolle delivers comfortable shapewear without squeezing your own body, security, and toxin-free materials that will treat your skin right. 

Their seamless shapewear for women has different styles from shorts, panties, bodysuits, and slip. It also has an option for the control area, it's either your butt, thighs, tummy, or waistline. I do prefer the high-waisted shaping short because it is so comfortable and it feels so good and secured.  

If you like to focus on your tummy and waist you can check out their best shapewear for tummy and waistPlease remember beauty is nice but comfort is everything, choose a product or brand that not only cares about their products but also the well being and comfort of their customer like Cosmolle.  

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