My Most Worn Jewelry

 As far as I remember, I am a jewelry lover, from charms to luxurious ones. Until I just stop wearing them, I stop wearing bracelets, then to necklace, then to earrings then until my watch battery died, I did not ask for a replacement any more. But as I've seen from most social media influencers, they look good in wearing gold pieces of jewelry either it may be real or just gold plated, who knows! Then, my passion for jewelry came back alive.

I purchased my first ever gold necklace from my friend selling gold pieces of jewelry, it is simple with a heart pendant, since then I didn't take it off even I have to shower. Then, these influencers, really look good with dazzling gold jewelry in their body, they wore it so effortlessly. But then again, real gold jewelry is so expensive. I heard that Thailand's jewelry is so cheap, yes it did but still expensive for my own pocket until I found this shop selling inspired gold plated jewelry and for 1,000THB I bought few pieces and my heart was so happy. 

Some of my friends in the Philippines sending me messages about the pieces of jewelry that I most worn in my pictures and videos, and they want to get one as well. However, since the situation, it's hard to export products from Thailand to the Philippines, until I found this shop selling inspired gold plated jewelry in the Philippines (recommended by my other friend). Then I decided to sell it to my friends and to those who are interested. You may visit my online selling Facebook Page at 

Right now, I'm currently on the lookout of a beautiful gold chain link jewelry, it's actually on-trend right now. Chain link is very pretty, you can wear it as a big piece statement of your outfit or you can layer it with your other necklace. Below, are few samples of three of my favorite fashion bloggers who killed wearing the chain link.

How about you loves? are you also a jewelry lover? Let me know your favorite piece. 

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